Join us as Of Origins' Niko Tuovinen tells you his first concert story.


In this First Concert Ever segment, Niko Tuovinen, of the metal band, Of Origins, talks about the story of his first experience with live music. You can check out the story below:

This is Niko Tuovinen, the lead singer and guitarist of Of Origins.

The experience I would like to share is not exactly my first time going to a concert but the first without any parental presence which made it feel like the first real concert to me.

So it was the year 2014 and Metallica was coming to Finland with Slayer, Ghost, Mastodon and Gojira, the latter two being my favorite bands at that time, and to be fair, kinda still. Also who doesn’t want to see Slayer live, right? So there I was watching my favorite bands play and I was mesmerized. Ghost wasn’t particularly my thing but their live show was super impressive. Mastodon gave a hell of a show and Slayer eventually made me almost die in the pit, although that’s how you're supposed to feel in a Slayer concert I think.

The band that I was looking forward to the most was Gojira, but due to techincal issues they played only 25 minutes of their 60 minute set. I was so sad that I almost strated to cry. Luckily the liquor that I sneaked inside the festival area was running in my veins and the sadness quickly faded away, as is supposedly customary in these kinds of summer celebrations.

Next it was time for the main act, Metallica. This was the "Metallica by request" tour and the idea was to vote for the songs you wanted Metallica to play. Someone real clever realized that Metallica had never played Frayed Ends of Sanity live, so he started a facebook cambaign to get everybody to vote for that song. The campaign worked! Metallica did play Frayed Ends of Sanity for the first time that night, but then the weather got super cold in the festival area and it started to rain heavily, the drops felt like icicles. I remember all the band members except Lars putting on jackets and gloves on stage, it was that cold!

I have seen Metallica three times by now and that was by far the best show that I have seen from them. I think the concert was somewhat special for them as well, because the coldness seemed to have pissed them off so much that they were angrier on stage than usual!

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