In this Tour Tips segment, the rap metal band, Odeon, recommends advice for being in a band on the road.


In this Tour Tips segment, the rap metal band, Odeon, recommends advice for being in a band on the road. You can check out the tips, after the break.

1 – Get physically ready one month before starting the tour: An idea for the vocalists is to play the set running to simulate the breath that will be needed for a show. Keep in mind that it is not meant to sound perfect, it’s just an exercise to prepare your body. For guitarists and bassists, try to practice the set standing up more often, then it will be way easier to perform naturally and with energy live.
2 – Bring audio and video recording equipment: It is always important to record all the moments to share with the people who follow your work. It’s also very easy to generate content for social media when you are on tour, so don’t skimp on it. If possible, hire someone to take photos and videos of the shows. It’s also great to have some audio recording equipment on the road. Because it may be that you want to write something while you’re on the road or even record a feat with some other artist in the city you’re visiting.
3 – Take care of your instruments: Learn at least the basics of luthiery to keep your instruments working properly during the tour. Being able to solve some small problems might save you from some headaches on the road. Bringing a few extra string sets, picks, cables, sticks, drumheads plus some general maintenance items is essential if your band doesn’t have tech.
4 – Do not take too many clothes: During concerts, it is very common to receive shirts as gifts from fans, from members of other bands that played at the same events and not to mention that you may want to buy something in the city you visited. It’s always good to have some extra space.
5 – Cell phones: The cell phone is your camera, your GPS, your way of communicating, of getting information, a way of spending time on the road. It’s probably the most versatile and important tool on tour. So be sure to bring portable chargers, cables, and extra chargers and if possible even a spare phone to prevent any problems. Also, bring a hard drive with a notebook to upload files on your phone such as photos and videos.

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