Join us as Nygma shares their dream tour lineup selections.


In this Dream Tour segment, Burnie Sanders, from the electronicore band, Nygma, reveals who they would want on their ultimate tour lineup. You can check out their picks below:

Hey, Burnie Sanders here, the relentless crooner of the ensemble known only as 'Nygma.' We've been dubbed post-hardcore and punk, yet the very essence of our sound eludes me.

Allow me, dear reader, to peel back the layers of my musical psyche, revealing a dream tour of transcendent proportions. Picture it: the stage aglow with anticipation, and Nygma, of course, takes the helm. A humble opening act, one might say, but never shall we tread in the footsteps of our heroes, especially when they reigned supreme.

Next, the stage shall ignite with the fury of 'The Chariot,' their original lineup resurrected from the annals of time. They were madmen and visionaries, summoning chaos on stage, casting a mesmerizing spell over all who bore witness. Their early work struck like thunderbolts and left me in awe as a young man.

In the sacred trinity of this musical odyssey, 'Every Time I Die' takes their rightful place. ETID stand among the titans, an enduring testament to the genre. Their influence on Nygma remains indelible.

And lo, 'Refused' shall emerge, architects of 'The Shape of Punk to Come,' as if they etched their masterpiece into the very fabric of the universe.

As the crescendo nears its zenith, the spotlight falls upon none other than 'At The Drive In.' Their very name evokes legends of a bygone era, their songs weaving intricate tapestries of emotion and discord. Their live performance, a transcendent ballet of chaos and charisma, ascends to the pantheon of greatness.

To distill this symphony of dreams into a singular vision, my ultimate tour lineup takes form:

The Chariot
Every Time I Die
At The Drive In

In this lineup, I find the essence of my musical dream tour.

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