In this First Concert Ever segment, the electro pop artist, Nové, talks about the story of her first experience with live music.


In this First Concert Ever segment, the electro pop artist, Nové, talks about the story of her first experience with live music. You can check out the story, after the break.

While my roots in music are more connected to artists of the 70s and 80s, at 13 years old, like almost every other teen girl at the time, I was a hardcore ‘belieber.’ Yes, that’s right- you know the guy- Justin Bieber! He self-admittedly pulled on my heartstrings at the time and I was ecstatic to attend his 2013 “Believe” tour.
As I walked into the arena with my friends, I was astonished at how big the stadium was and how many seats were filled. Our seats were high up, so not the best view, but certainly not the worst. I sat down and looked around, trying to take in the pre-show atmosphere. The air was hazy and the neon lights from the screens rounding the arena shot through it, creating a colorful mist. I had butterflies in my stomach and was eager for the show to start. The lights went down and my heart thumped fast and loud as the entire stadium roared. The stage lit up in multiple colors and then turned pitch black. A graphic of a silhouette with wings flew from one screen to the other, thunder crackled, and the lights flashed like lightning during a storm. Then, all of a sudden, the one and only Justin Bieber came down from the ceiling to the stage wearing big silver wings and jumping straight into singing his then hit song “All Around The World.” I was in utter amazement, shock, and euphoria. The energy and excitement in the room, along with the fact that I was singing along with 20,000 other people around me, all while hearing Justin’s clear high voice above the beautiful chaos, was an exhilarating moment that I will never forget.
In society, I think it is safe to say we generally idolize celebrities as if they are superhuman, immortal beings, so seeing Justin Bieber in real life blew my mind! Watching the entire production truly inspired me and lit a fire within me. I could not stop thinking—this is my destiny. Aside from being in general awe of the musician himself, the band played so in sync, the background dancers with Justin were so sharp, and the lighting cues were on point. It’s safe to say I was impressed by it all. As an aspiring artist seeing this show unfold before my eyes, it really stuck with me in the best way possible. It was one of the first moments in my life that I became undoubtedly sure that music and entertainment would be my future path. At 13 years old, I felt as though the world was my oyster, and now, having just released my first single, I am feeling that very same euphoria I felt 10 years ago at my first concert.
After that concert, I went to several more concerts and became even more inspired. It is always so fascinating to see how each production narrates a different story and yet can be up for interpretation at the very same time. After becoming a seasoned concert attendee, I also became interested in show production. I find it to be such a unique process to put together an entire production, from the behind-the-scenes logistics to ultimately hosting the show in front of a live audience. Now looking back on the 10 years that have passed since my first concert, it’s safe to say that every day I am getting closer and closer to fulfilling my dreams. With that said, it’s all about the small details along the journey, and any progress I make is a victory. I think that’s something all aspiring artists need to remember and keep close to their hearts so as not to get discouraged if things don’t fall into place as quickly as they hope. Life is about the journey, not the destination. I hope one day I can be the artist that inspires the blissful 13-year-old girl at her first concert to pursue her dreams.

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