Noisy Vertigo – DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, the post-punk artist, Noisy Vertigo, reveals who he would want on his ultimate tour lineup.

Noisy Vertigo

In this Dream Tour segment, the post-punk artist, Noisy Vertigo, reveals who he would want on his ultimate tour lineup. You can check out their picks, after the break.

Hey, I’m Clément the french guy behind Noisy Vertigo and I’m really happy to talk about my dream tour today! It was really difficult to select only a few bands because more than a hundred bands had an impact on my music!
DIRTY RODEO: This band had a major influence on my musical project. They are a duo (drums/guitar), both sing and have huge energy on stage. They mix punk and stoner influences which results in powerful rock’n’roll music! It’s one of the few bands that I’ve recently discovered and that I love just as much as the bands from my teenage years. Their tunes somehow remind me of the White Stripes’ but with even more energy and power. I love that their songs are so inventive and creative. A little anecdote: The name Noisy Vertigo is a nod to Dirty Rodeo!
NIRVANA: What can I say? There is everything in that band… Powerful songs with awesome screams, calm and magic ballads, punk tempo songs, the voice of Kurt Cobain is definitely one of my favorites whichever the style of the tune. This band influenced a countless number of other bands and continues today to be one of the most famous bands in the world with only 3 main albums, that’s crazy! Paradoxically, I’ve only really discovered this band and taken the time to listen to their music carefully, a little bit later, after my 20’s.
THE OFFSPRING: I love punk rock music. I’ve been playing in several punk bands in my life like in Xmas Socks. I remember that specific day when my big sister gave me the album “Smash” to listen to on my CD player! I was completely blown away. This album contains so many songs, to me, it’s the perfect match between punk rock and rock’n’roll. Then, I’ve listened to all their other albums and since that day I can’t stop listening to The Offspring. The melodies are awesome, the guitar riffs are powerful and they’ve uncovered something really cool coming from California (sea, sex, and sun :-) ?)
THE VINES: Maybe the band that’s the closest to the music I’m making in Noisy Vertigo. The Vines, coming from Australia, is a really inspiring rock’n’roll band! They have a lot of good records. Graig, the frontman, is able to scream really strongly but also to sing with a beautiful and pure voice. Their two first albums are really awesome, unfortunately, they had a lot of troubles and conflict due to the drugs and Graig’s social disorder…Only Craig remains in the band today and they don’t have the same taste as they used to, unfortunately.
THE SUBWAYS: Nothing to say except, GO and LISTEN to “Young for eternity” !!!

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