No Lonely Hearts - DREAM TOUR

Join us as No Lonely Hearts reveals their dream tour lineup picks.

No Lonely Hearts - DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, the pop group, No Lonely Hearts, reveals who they would want on their ultimate tour lineup. You can check out their picks below:

Aidan: My dream tour would consist of cool dances, beautiful graphics, beautiful locations. Being able to not only have the fanbase to share it all with, but connect with, “feel” different emotions together, and be able to share that with everyone, including my 4 favorite guys. I want to make that a reality.  

Alex: My dream tour would be huge!! I wanna go on a world tour with my brothers and travel the world while sightseeing many beautiful places. I’d love to perform at Madison Square Garden with a sold out show one day! With mind blowing choreography and a crazy energy performance,Ii want the crowd to feel our energy and match us. I always dreamed of being on stage and the crowd holding up lights at a night time show. That is my dream!

Brian: My dream tour would be larger than life! Getting to perform and see the world with my boys would already be a dream. I would love next level dancing, music, and sets. More than anything I would love our tour to let our listeners in on the lives of the five of us. We are five completely different people with different interests and backgrounds, so I would love for our show to feel like you’re stepping into our lives and getting to dance with us, laugh with us and even cry with us. And I want to do this with as many people as possible in as many incredible places as possible!

Dylan: I would say my dream tour should just be to go around the world and be able to touch people with the music we make. Getting to experience new places as a group (boyband) is probably the best part about traveling. To just be on the road making memories and being surrounded by people who come out to hear our music, that’s my dream tour. Maybe also to sell out a couple areas/stadiums along the way.

Oliver: My dream tour would probably be all of us going to the UK, Germany, and to the rest of the states in the US. I love traveling with the guys and I've never been to Europe. That's why I would love to be able to perform in the UK and Germany. I love meeting new people and learning about other people's cultures. Then, I would want to travel to the rest of the states in the US because I haven't been to all of them and I want to see all of the US!

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