Nina June – TOUR TIPS

In this Tour Tips segment, the indie pop artist, Nina June, recommends advice for being a musician on the road.

Nina June

In this Tour Tips segment, the indie pop artist, Nina June, recommends advice for being a musician on the road. You can check out the tips, after the break.

1. Spend time on finding cute BnB’s before you go on tour
I always take a lot of time to find cute places in the neighborhood where we’re playing. Sometimes it worth it to drive a little bit further; that’s where the little jewels are. Small country-houses, city apartments with roof terraces, cozy places near the sea, you can all find it when you put a little work in it.
2. Send in a proper rider with the foods you love
I’m a vegan, and I love how venues make efforts to get vegan foods in the dressing room. It also teaches me what vegan foods different countries have. I’m always surprised and super grateful to notice that there’s healthy vegan stuff, and I make sure to take what’s left to the BnB and use it as breakfast or lunch.
3. Try to see something of the cities you’re visiting
When you see the list of cities you’re going to visit on tour you think you will have plenty of time for some sightseeing, but unfortunately, most of the time that’s not the case. Try to get up a bit earlier so you can drive to the next city, arrive a little earlier and drop your stuff at the venue so you can go for a nice walk. It serves two goals: you get to see some more of the world, and you’ll feel reborn again after so many hours in the car.
4. Make a mailing list for your fans
This is a note to self, as I tend to forget this. But you should do it: the next time you’re playing in the same city, you can write directly to your fans that you’re coming. They will be excited and bring their friends, and that’s how you build your fanbase!
5. Make sure you have a couple of days off in-between shows
When we played in Milan some time ago, we booked a house at a big lake outside Milan to stay for a few days between shows. It might not be the most efficient way to tour, but these few days in Milan were the best and reminded me that no tour should be so fully packed that you won’t be able to enjoy it anymore. Work hard, play hard, that’s how we roll :)

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(photo credit: Rui Reis Maia)