In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the neo-soul artist, Nick Fabian, shares one of his stories from being on the road.

Nick Fabian

In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the neo-soul artist, Nick Fabian, shares one of his stories from being on the road. You can check out the story, after the break.

Dropping 10k in music equipment and every song I wrote on the street in Brooklyn then driving to Boston.
After an awesome weekend of playing shows in New York City, I couldn’t have been happier. The crowds were awesome, the subway was so cool, and I felt as lit up as time square. I woke up that Sunday morning a bit dazed from the night before, we had a little after-show party so we were running a bit late on schedule to Boston.
It was a cold but sunny December day in Brooklyn. I stepped outside carefully to make sure I had my backpack, duffle, and tiny piano (I take everywhere with me). I patted up and down for my phone keys and pocket items and stepped out of the Airbnb. My manager and I were talking about Boston load in times as we were walking to my truck.
The blocks were filled with Hebrew schools, kosher restaurants, and start-up cell phone repair stores. It was cool seeing all this stuff because we don’t really have it in Nashville. After 10 minutes of walking with our bags, we finally made it to the metered parking next to the florist/grocer that my truck was parked next too.
We were running late so we rushed to get everything inside. I would put stuff in the bed and some stuff in the back seat to make more room. My manager needed help with her suitcase so I grabbed that as well and put it in. I noticed a man sweeping at the flower shop and gave him a friendly nod as I was entering the truck. And we were on our way.
The drive to Boston was beautiful. About two hours in I got inspired to start working on a track while my manager was driving. I reached in the back to grab my laptops (I just got a new MacBook) and couldn’t find it. I started to panic, I told her to stop the car on the shoulder so I could check the bed. I went to the back and opened the gate. My heart instantly sank.
At this point, it was too late to go back, because my show was in a couple of hours. I was majorly holding in my feelings as we drove there.
I did the show just how I always do it and it went well. Nobody knew how low I felt loosing 10k dollars worth of computers and gear, including all my life’s work of songs and demos that weren’t backed up. (Major oof)
After the show I told my manager I had to go back, so we canceled our show in Toronto and floored it to NYC. I told my parents and they told my whole fam to pray for me as we went back because they knew my whole life was basically on it.
We got back to the city that evening and I spent a couple of hours filling a police report with the detective. She basically said we will try our best but the chances of us getting it back are slim to none. People don’t just leave things on the streets of Brooklyn for two days without someone picking it up. I said thank you and left the station.
I called the flower shop 3 times to see if they found anything and they told me they didn’t. I really just felt defeated at this point…
“I still have to go back and check,” I said to my manager. We got in the truck and drove to the spot where we left. It was 9pm and everything was dark on the street at this point. We looked around and couldn’t find anything or really see anyone.
All of a sudden, I recognized the man I nodded to at the flower shop. He was talking on the phone when I approached him. I asked, “excuse me, have you seen a black bag around here?” And pointed to where I parked. He looked up and said, “No…” and paused, it was finally over I felt. He started again and said, “ you left it over here” and pointed to the sidewalk. My eyes lit up. “ARE YOU SERIOUS?” He said, yea the Nike Bag right? I was jumping for joy, he went down and grabbed it out of the cellar and brought it back up, perfectly intact and untouched. He said he saw it on the street after a few hours and kept it safe for me. I couldn’t believe it. I was grinning so hard and gave him all the money I had on me to thank him. We got a picture and smiled. I’ll never forget the day Tomas the florist saved my laptops, every song I wrote, and my music career.

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