In this First Concert Ever segment, the electro pop artist, Natalie McCool, talks about the story of her first experience with live music.

Natalie McCool

In this First Concert Ever segment, the electro pop artist, Natalie McCool, talks about the story of her first experience with live music. You can check out the story, after the break.

Bristol – March 2017
Picture this. Sunny Bristol in the middle of a UK album tour. I had just come off the stage at The Crofters Rights, a stalwart for any up and coming act touring the UK. From what I remember the gig went great and myself and my band Laura (drums) and James (keys) were well oiled (sweaty) and in our stride. This was actually my second tour promoting the album (the first one was a lot, LOT of fun) and we were on the road for 8 dates. So we were literally buzzing at the halfway stage.
After a few beers and saying bye to some old acquaintances at the show, we were ready to load out and get some much need shut-eye. Now I have this thing about carrying my own guitar amp…it just gives me a sense of strength that as a relatively small and slight(ish) person I take great pleasure in. So I’m carrying my amp and I’m almost at the door when….CRACK. The pain up my ankle…..oh no…OWWW! I look down – the venue has this weird ramp against stairs with no railing in between, and because I am carrying my amp I can’t see the floor – so my foot had just slipped off the side of the ramp and landed, ankle side, hard against the floor.
I’m telling you, the pain was IMMENSE, I was crying and rocking back and forth. After much coaxing I finally manage to stand up and hop out the venue – Laura and James sat me in the van and finished up inside. Now given time to think about my situation I realize that to top it all off, I’m the only one insured to drive the hire van. So an extremely rocky, painful, and stressy journey ensues where I try my best to drive back to the hotel, and Laura and James bite their nails hoping to get out alive. You know that scene in The Karate Kid where Danny drives Mr. Miyagi’s car for the first time? Yeah, that was me. But amazingly I manage it!
The next morning I get taken to A&E as I genuinely think I’ve broken my ankle. Thankfully it was just a bad sprain, which I make sure to tell everyone on YouTube Live whilst being wheeled around the hospital (even if you’re dying guys, always remember to do your socials ?) Shortly after, I get given this big space boot to wear which I love and hate at the same time. Space boot? HELL YEAH! Can’t rock? HELL NO…
Anyway, I had to play the rest of the tour dates sat down in my space boot, like a small and slightly futuristic Dave Grohl. I think I pulled it off – but if there’s one thing I learned it’s this is…don’t be a hero. If there’s someone else that offers to carry your amp people, then LET THEM!

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