The Motion Epic – DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, the electro pop project, The Motion Epic, reveals who they would want on their ultimate tour lineup.

The Motion Epic

In this Dream Tour segment, the electro pop project, The Motion Epic, reveals who they would want on their ultimate tour lineup. You can check out their picks, after the break.

Pat picks: Hall & Oates
Rich Girl, Maneater, You Make My Dreams Come True, Out of Touch, Private Eyes”. The list goes on and on. Such recognizable and memorable hits – what an experience it would be to share the stage with them. Daryl and John’s songwriting seem to be a constant source of inspiration for me. I’d love to pick their brain backstage and go over some of their most loved tracks.
Back in 2017 when we started developing The Motion Epic, “Out of Touch” was one of the reference songs I pitched to our producer in terms of “sound” references for our project. Funny enough, the song became the catalyst to how we mix our drums in our music. It’s all about that massive snare and kick. We carried on that “sound” throughout our releases. Daryl and John are part of the reason we’re here today still making 80s influenced music. All to say, because of their influence on our tunes, it would be such an honor to be a part of their live show night after night.
Nick picks: Phil Collins
What a difficult question. I think I’d have to choose the venerable Phil Collins as the headliner for my dream tour. I consider him to be one of the biggest influences on our music lately, and he’s one of the artists Pat and I talk about and look to for inspiration pretty consistently. I like to think that we present interpretations of the Phil Collins style that are unique because of the character that everyone in The Motion Epic imparts on the productions, and so I think that we could share a bill with him and make an audience feel like they were seeing and hearing something that was simultaneously familiar but new and exciting – which I think is the mark of a great opening act, and makes for a memorable show.
Collins’ music is obviously very vocal/melody centric, and he has to be one of the most prolific artists in history when it comes to embracing the pop format, and never seeming to worry about how “cool” his music was. I feel like I spent years wishing I had a platform for trying to make music that was unashamedly “80s pop’, and it wasn’t until I started working with The Motion Epic that I felt like I finally had a safe space in which to explore my “guilty pleasures” as a writer and producer. Prior to that, I think I’d been trying to be someone else for a long time. Any musician will tell you that it’s a big deal when you finally have that “aha moment” in which you say “screw it, I’m just gonna do what I do and be me”, and you start making the music you were meant to make. For me, Phil Collins’ music is sort of representative of that sentiment, and so touring with him would be both a huge honor and a geeky sort of “dream come true” for me.

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