Molly Kate Kestner – DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, the pop artist, Molly Kate Kestner, reveals who she would want on her ultimate tour lineup.

Molly Kate Kestner

In this Dream Tour segment, the pop artist, Molly Kate Kestner, reveals who she would want on her ultimate tour lineup. You can check out their picks, after the break.

Somewhere in my life, I must’ve done something right because I got lucky enough to marry someone who I absolutely love creating, performing, and traveling with… my husband, Brock Monroe. Ever since we met, our dream has been to tour the world together… and we will. But my DREAM tour would be to not only share the stage with the love of my life but also the greatest musical influences of my life. There have been many over the years, but when I really think about it, there are a few special ones who I’d give anything to share something as memorable as a tour with.
The first being the greatest influences from my childhood, Stevie Wonder and Sam Cooke. These two ignited something in me from such a young age. I would close my eyes while listening to their music and instantly be transported to a different place. A better one. They taught me what soul really is and how to sing with it and how to sing from it. Being able to hear Sam sing “A Change Is Gonna Come” live or getting to jam out with Stevie on the keys, would be an absolute dream for me.
Then, moving on to the woman whose music has been a guiding light to me as a writer and just a human, Brandi Carlile. Something about the way Brandi writes cuts deeper to my core than just about anything I’ve ever heard. But it’s not just her words, it’s her delivery. The way she sings her songs is so genuine and raw at times, it gives me chills. It has brought me to tears countless times. It’s vulnerable enough that it gives whoever is listening to the freedom to be vulnerable as well. That’s what I want to do as a writer and an artist. Getting to tour with her and watching how she captivates an entire stadium, asking her questions and learning from her experiences… I couldn’t ask for a greater gift. Also, it would be a DREAM to perform with her and the Highwomen, so they definitely have to be on the tour as well. Not only would it be such a blast hanging with those boss women every night, there ain’t nothing in this world like the sound of powerful women singing together in perfect harmony.

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