Join us as Moli shares one of her crazy stories from being on tour.

(photo credit: Frederick Wilkinson)

In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the retro pop artist, Moli, shares one of her stories from being on the road. You can check out the story below:

I was on tour supporting a band called Rikas and I was having a great time doing so. It was the last show in a small town on the coast of Germany. I got to walk around the harbour before my soundcheck, enjoy the seaside atmosphere and have an ice cream. It was lovely really. I played my set and it all went pretty well. It was quite an intimate show and I had a lovely time.

For the occasion, I was wearing one of my favourite pair of white trousers. I'd gotten them from a second hand store in Stockholm. They have a fluffy lining and a flair and I just love them. We were quite lucky that night that we had catering and a lovely meal was ready for me to eat right when I got off stage. I was so eager to gobble it up that I didn't change and of course I spilled tomato sauce all over my white trousers.

One of the backstage staff members was so kind and offered to put them in the washing machine as they happened to have one upstairs. I then went to watch Rikas play and kept running up to check on my trousers. An hour went by and the washing machine kept turning even though it was supposed to last 20 minutes. It turns out the machine broke down in the process and my trousers were impossible to get out of there. They were stuck and I was devastated.

It all sounds quite dramatic for a pair of trousers but you know how it can be with clothes when they've been with you for important moments in your life. I tried to hide my disappointment as no one would understand me getting emotional over a pair of pants. The owner of the venue must have noticed it though because about a month later my trousers showed up in the post. We are reunited and I'm very grateful for them getting them out and sending them back. I have not learnt my lesson as I still spill food on a regular basis.

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