Mobile - TOUR TIPS

Join us as Mobile recommends their tips for being on tour.

Mobile - TOUR TIPS

In this Tour Tips segment, the alternative band, Mobile, recommends advice for being a musician on the road. You can check out the tips below:

Tip 1
Touring is surely the backbone of a successful career. Touring is the greatest way to reach new fans and to reinforce the trust relation with the regular fan base. The best tip of all is to be accessible to your fans! After each show, you should get out of the dressing room to get to the merch table or anywhere else where you could meet the fans. It’s crucial to make that kind of effort, for example: taking pictures, signing cd’s, posters, stickers or anything else that comes near you! Also, by taking a bit of time to share a conversation with them will strike for sure! People remember these moments of truth and honesty, they share their experiences with their friends and when you hit that town again, you get to play in front of a bigger crowd.

Tip 2
On a well organised tour, a band could play four to five shows a week. In our case, we played a lot of late night shows so we were used to getting back to our hotel room in the middle of the night. Habitually, we had to wake up early to hit the road on our way to the next city on the list. To prevent our heart to stop beating and our brain to stop thinking, we added the pre-show power nap to our routine! Sleeping for 45 minutes after dinner gave us a blast of energy to start fresh and energetic.

Tip 3
You must keep in shape when touring. Obviously, a normal tour day includes a big brunch at Denny's, a late afternoon snack and a burger with fries for dinner and over that, the drinks! The goal is to be able to fit in your suit on your last tour date…it’s not an easy task! To prevent buttons from snapping off your shirt on stage, try to jog for about 30 minutes a day. Over that, see if the hotel has a pool or a squash court so you can exercise while having fun with the soundman.  Don’t forget to do a few set up and push ups every morning if you don’t have a headache from the late late night very last drinks.  

Tip 4
It might sound trivial, but keeping a good vibe with every guy and girl on tour is soooo important. The band is always together on tour. You travel together, you eat together, you party together…it’s like having 5 or 6 girlfriends at once. So, if there’s something you need to address, go for it, don’t wait! Clean everything ahead so it won’t burst in your face all at once. Moreover, make the crew laugh…do stupid things every day. Like in any other situation, having a good laugh a day helps create strong relationships.

Tip 5
When you tour with other bands, you will be able to make some great rider exchanges. In that manner, you could exchange a few Stela for a bottle of wine or after a week of drinking G&T’s, you might want to try to see where a nice rum and coke could lead you into. What you need to do is to go see the other band’s rider and think of what you could swap with them for a night or two. We hear it all the time, variety is a good way to stay healthy.

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