In this Preshow Rituals segment, the pop artist, Mishcatt, reveals what she does before taking the stage.


In this Preshow Rituals segment, the pop artist, Mishcatt, reveals what she does before taking the stage. You can check out the story, after the break.

Hi! I’m MishCatt and I will love to tell you a little bit of my rituals before having a show!
I don’t exactly do the same things before every concert, tho the ideal is to follow my gut that day and do the things that are resonating with me. With that, you let yourself enter into an abundant creative state of mind, that gives you that energy to be and feel your best.
-Listen to music that takes you to great places in your mind. It’s all about the feel. I got different playlists for different occasions. Maybe one day I really need Mick Jagger, maybe another day I might need Harry Potter’s soundtrack. Music is the best medicine and it will always help set the mood in your inner ecosystem.
-If you need a little drink, why not? Sometimes, if we really need that sip of whiskey, dude, just do it and have fun!
– Something I always do is, starting the concert with musical improvisation. I think it’s because I grew up listening to my dad improvise in jazz, and seeing how much fun he would have doing it. When you do this, you practice not being afraid of the unknown. Improvising in the first song on the show stimulates my intuition throughout the rest of it.
-Have your space and BREATH. Oh man, this is so so so important. It’s amazing to be surrounded by people, in a crowd or on stage. But in order to appreciate these moments and give your best, it’s good to be alone and in silence before and after the show. I also love doing breathing exercises, it does so much more than we think! If we ever meet, would love to teach you some of my favorite breathing techniques to feel better.
– If there is someone playing before me, I love getting in the crowd before I start the show and dance with everyone. I love watching artists perform, but also I feel being in the crowd, creates good bonding and it helps you and everyone feel like a team.
There are so many other things I want to talk about, but the most important one is just to be grateful, trust yourself, and have fun. I feel honored every night I have the chance to stand on stage and give messages of hope, love, and share my emotions through music with people. When you are connected to yourself, you help others connect as well, and it becomes this amazing feedback that creates a great moment and elevates us all.
Hope to see you at some show, someday! Thanks for reading :)

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