Message to Venus – 5th ROAD BLOG from the “Pushing ‘The Envelope’ Tour”

The rock band, Message to Venus, is currently on the “Pushing ‘The Envelope’ Tour”. While they’re on this tour, they will be blogging for us. You can check out their fifth entry (with pictures) written by the band’s lead singer,…

Message to Venus – 5th ROAD BLOG from the “Pushing ‘The Envelope’ Tour”

The rock band, Message to Venus, is currently on the “Pushing ‘The Envelope’ Tour”. While they’re on this tour, they will be blogging for us. You can check out their fifth entry (with pictures) written by the band’s lead singer, Jandre Nadal, after the break.

“A sandal short, we are losing our shit, energy levels are low, even JuanMa, whom would criticize energy drinks, is getting the exotic versions of Monster. Red Bulling the fuck out of our lives, we are beginning to lose sanity becoming a bit delirious. But the show must go on.

After a two hour drive to Crest Hill, Illinois we arrive at a place called Bada Brew, we met up with our friends from Undisclosed, unfortunately they were not performing because too many bands were booked that night. We really got to know them better that night, free booz always takes the edge off. We play with a cool local band called No Regretz, very nice people and supportive, a young band called After Effect with a great skill playing 80’s rock and after our set fucking Novus Dae. We were blown away by how tight they were and their sound. A very respectively band with powerful vocal melodies, guitarist plays his ass off and has the pedalboard the size of a van, bass player is a monster and drummer is a technical cat with Danny Carry skills and makes no mistakes. Playing with good bands make you want to bring it up a notch. We have to play harder now. Challenge accepted.

Bands always tend to meet and greet at loading time. We smoked a few cigs together and shared some laughs. We then exited to be able to continue the tour with our new friends from After Effect, Undisclosed and Novus Dae. We set the GPS to Burlington, IL. Penny Road Pub opening for Red Line Chemistry. We were excited for this day because we were meeting up with Josh from Digital Tour Bus to shoot some videos to be featured in Bus Invaders, Tour Tips, and Crazy Tour Stories. Thanks to Josh for making this happen and be on the lookout for these features to be posted soon at Digital Tour Bus’ website! After the interview we socialized with our friends and everyone played well and sold merch! It was a pleasure to hear our brothers of Undisclosed play a BAD ASS SET THAT PEALED THE SKIN OF MY FACE. It was that time we parted, good people will always be remembered.

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Now we continue our tour with Novus Dae and hit Lansing, MI. A place called Uli’s Haus of Rock. Pictures show the history of tits and fornication that has passed through here throughout the years. We walk into a young metal band singing a song about eating Molly and masturbating, now I’m really inspired to write some new lyrics. This place was packed with so many locals. A few bands played before us. Among the best was Social 66 and of course Novus Dae. We noticed that after the local bands played everyone stayed outside smoking cigs and pot, yes pot because the use of medicinal marijuana is legal in the state of Michigan. Not to mention how fucked up it is for the local bands to tell their friends to leave with them after they play. I can’t wait to see you guys out of your own town so we can do the same you fucking assholes who told everyone the show was over. I guess it’s not about the music in some towns. Even so, like our friends of Novus Dae, we played our asses off and we did win new fans over and sold more merch. A shout out for Seven and his lovely girl Brit of Social 66 they were bad ass!

We then drove about 6 hours to the next gig in Elkhart, Indiana to a place called Half Time Sports Bar. The staff was very hospitable and nice to us giving us free food and drinks. Although the place was a nightmare for vocalist, cloud of cigarets smoke. My eyes where watery and my throat was dry as fuck. This gig killed my voice. I was singing like Rod Stewart on a bad day. This was a weird gig, with some other strange band that was a bit antisocial with us for some reason. Then their guitarist had the balls to ask me for a distortion pedal before telling me some bullshit story that he could only pay Novus Dae and us $10 each because the remaining $50 was for his band because they drove 1 hour to the venue and it was there 5th show as a band. It’s ok, we get it. We got fucked by newbies in their town. Like I said we only drove 6 hours for this gig.

Next day we get an email saying we are playing again with our friends of Novus Dae, and some other acts at The Elbo Room in Chicago. We missed the first band because we deep dished our lives with pizza. Then we walked back down to Elbo’s and find our stage transformed into a theater-like environment with a lot of girls everywhere. We had no idea what Burlesque was. We found out in the most pleasing way. A great 2 hour show presented by the Chicago’s finest, Plan 9. Bella Canto, Miss Curiosity and the rest of the ladies where artist indeed and very talented, not to mention how well they undressed. Having concluded our show with such lovely ladies dancing on stage with us was more than a treat. We… Well I had a blast! And met some great bartenders as well. We now go back and invade our good friend MetalKid’s home. Having 48 hours of decompressing. I enjoyed the views of Chicago. Enjoying her hospitality as the last night ended with good drinks, laughs and full moonlight view on the lake. God Bless America!” -Jandre

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