Join us as Major Moment reveals their first concert stories.

(photo credit: Evan Middleton Photography)

In this First Concert Ever segment, the pop metal band, Major Moment, talks about the stories of their first experiences with live music. You can check out the story below:

SASHA (vocals / synths): My first concert was very anticipated! I was a hardcore Linkin Park fan (well, still kinda is lol) and when they came to Moscow, Russia for the first time in 2007, I was THERE! How cool is that? The first one for both of us, haha. My parents were super kind to buy me almost the most expensive tickets on the balcony, because they knew what this show meant to me, and they were also concerned about my safety because I was going alone. Well, who knew that you could spend a lot less money and have more fun with the GA… but I only found that out at my next show, and joined the so-called “front row army”. Back then I was looking down to that GA area and thinking “omg, what a mess! They can’t see anything, so good I’m up here!” I had the time of my life! Became friends with the whole balcony, one person I’m still in touch with to this day. The show was absolutely amazing, they played all my favorite songs, I was screaming my lungs out to all of them, the crowd was so into it, there was this insane spirit of unity and love, and when it was time to leave, all the way from the concert hall to the closest subway station we all kept singing their songs together. Ugh, you can call it a ‘major moment’ for sure, haha.

DAN (guitar / backing vocals): My first concert was Brand New and mewithoutyou. I was 15. I'd never heard of either band at the time! A girl I was crushing on invited me to go and asked if I like Brand New. I immediately (dishonestly and without thinking) said, "Yes! They're my favorite band." I then spent the rest of the week memorizing their songs and lyrics so I wouldn't look like a dummy at the show! Her parents drove us, and I listened to Deja Entendu in my headphones the entire ride there. I ended up having one of the most memorable nights of my life! That night inspired me to pursue my own musical path.

ANDREY (vocals / synths): Technically, my first concert was this Russian all-male pop band called “Ivanushki International” (the wordplay on Ivan - a classic Russian name, which can also has similar sounding names in other languages: Johan, John, etc. hence the “International” part). I was around 12-13, a huge fan of this band, introduced by my older cousin who listened to them on repeat. I went to the show alone, and the whole arena was filled with crying girls.

When people say “arena” they usually mean this huge amphitheater, this was a circus arena. For whatever reason one of the “venues” in my hometown Chelyabinsk was at this circus that besides clowns, jugglers and magicians had trained exotic animals like elephants and lions (I grew up in a VERY different time and place from where I’m at today), so you can imagine, this show had a 4th dimension to it: a terrible smell (how appropriate for a lip-syncing pop band lol).

I was in the front row, and it was obvious I was a black sheep (pun intended) in the room, and everyone was staring at me. Regardless, I had a good time and still think some of those songs had solid songwriting to them. I’m not ashamed to admit I’ll take pages from anyone’s book who I think is good, regardless of genre or what others think of them. If I like something, I don’t need anyone’s approval.

My second, and one of the most memorable shows, however, happened when I just moved to the States. That was a real big deal for me. Sheryl Crow just released her album “Wildflower” and I was really into it (again, it’s still a great listen today, solid record front to back). She was promoting the record by doing these acoustic shows at record stores for free (back when we had record stores).

The show I went to was at Virgin Megastore in Manhattan, I think it’s the M&M's Store now. First of all, what a store that was, I spent hours browsing and staring at 3 floors filled with music and merch from different ends of the world, different genres in all possible formats (that just so conveniently fit in our pocket today). That kid in a candy store feeling. We had 2 record stores in my hometown, but Virgin Megastore was like 40 times bigger at least. Second, I really enjoyed the acoustic performance. Third, it even came with a meet & greet, and I’ve never seen any celebrity up close before in my entire life, let alone them chatting with me for a couple minutes. Ms.Crow was very sweet, and I left with lifetime memories and a few autographs.

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