The Lovebirds – 2nd ROAD BLOG from the “Breakup Shmakeup Tour”

The folk/pop duo, The Lovebirds, are currently on the “Breakup Shmakeup Tour” that will be making stops across the West Coast throughout May. While they’re on this tour, they will be doing a blog for us. You can check out…

The Lovebirds – 2nd ROAD BLOG from the “Breakup Shmakeup Tour”

The folk/pop duo, The Lovebirds, are currently on the “Breakup Shmakeup Tour” that will be making stops across the West Coast throughout May. While they’re on this tour, they will be doing a blog for us. You can check out the 1st entry, including some pictures and videos, after the break.

What up peeps? This is Veronica, the less girly, more boy-ee Lovebirds co-member. We left off at San Luis Obispo and then headed to Cupertino which as a side note has an awesome coffee shop called Philz Coffee. We stayed in Cupertino with my lovely friend, Kat Fitzgerald. She is a huge music support and set up a house concert at our new friends, Yo and Shugga Shay’s house. They are the cutest lesbian couple with the most adorable and well-behaved children. We hit a lesbian hot spot on this one. It’s great to know you are a part of a special community that believes in what you do. Lindsay spoke a bit too soon when she said no cats were sleeping on her head…Kat’s awesome cat, Mia, had a heyday on Lindsay’s noggin…Lindsay took a picture of the cat that night and I died laughing.

Next stop was Hopmonk Tavern in Novato. They had a great stage outside and we were thankful for the shade. Even though people were there to treat their mom’s to a well-deserved mother’s day lunch the diners were receptive and supported us by getting some that how the kids are saying it these days? Shwag? Swag? I don’t know. I still call YouTube “The YouTubes”.

Next up was Sacramento. Our friend Holly aka HK Poet helped opened up the night at Blue Lamp. The owner and bartender, Gaby was AWESOME. Basilio was the sound guy and he really knew what he was doing. This was another very supportive lesbian crowd. It was really great to hear HK poet spit some poetry. She is one of the only spoken word artists I know that can make me cry and think in a matter of 3 sentences.

THIS was the point that Lindsay and I became true rockstars. We hopped in the car at 11:30 pm and drove all the way to Eugene through the night. We had 3 radio interviews the next morning and a show that night. How did we not fall asleep? Sunflower seeds, gum, car dancing, singing songs by only using the word “meow”, 90s ballads…now you know how it is done.

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Once we got to Eugene at 7 am we crashed in a parking lot for 2.5 hours then did talked about how great and humble we were on radio. We got to visit our favorite radio station, KLCC and we met an adorable DJ at the college campus, Ryder. We wanted to put him in our pocket but then realized you can’t put humans in other human’s pockets. It’s not right and is cumbersome. That night we went to Black Forest and played with “Hands like sticks”…awesome band. Skylar was our sound man who not only a great sound engineer but a great person. That brings us up to speed. We are currently at The Laughing Goat coffee house drinking t t t t too m m mmuch caa caa ffeeiine.

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