In this Dream Tour segment, the pop artist, Lois Rae, reveals who she would want on her ultimate tour lineup.

Lois Rae

In this Dream Tour segment, the pop artist, Lois Rae, reveals who she would want on her ultimate tour lineup. You can check out their picks, after the break.

Since I have such a melting pot of influences, it was difficult to pick just four artists who I would like to perform on my dream tour. The acts I’ve chosen have been huge influences on me for a variety of reasons, and to be able to see them live would be insane…
To open the show I would have none other than the formidable Aaliyah perform. I have long been inspired by her 90s flair, angelic vocals, and her ability to faultlessly blend in synergy with the idiosyncratic production talents of Timberland. She was such an intriguing and unique talent that was taken far too early, but her legacy will live on forever – I would have loved to see her perform live, even just once!
Madonna would follow next. What I love about Madonna is her fearlessness. She is often controversial in her live performances and can push boundaries to challenge the audience to think outside the box or change their perspective. Her ability to ever evolve and encapsulate the meaning of her art through music, style, and culture is inspiring to me; she leads by example. She is a super-strong, powerful woman within the music industry and I think her tenacity embodies what being a true artist is all about.
Qveen Herby is an artist I discovered recently after stumbling across her on Instagram. One of my favourite songs of hers is ‘Underdog’. I love how authentic she is and that she spreads an overall message of self-love and optimism (which is something that I also try to do). The musician in me also really values her musicality and I find it super cool how she adapts her produced tracks into acoustic and live versions so creatively.
My final pick would be Alicia Keys. Growing up competing as a Classical pianist but also having a love for Hip Hop and R&B bubbling underneath, you can understand how Alicia Keys came to be a hero of mine. She became a huge inspiration to me as she helped me to figure out how to navigate my love for contrasting genres, showing me that it was possible to amalgamate them in a seamless way. What an icon!
It would be such a dream to see these acts perform together! What a seriously soulful and talented lineup of incredible, inspiring women. I had so much fun creating my dream lineup.

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