Join us as L.O.E gives you some of their tips for touring.


In this Tour Tips segment, the post-rock band, L.O.E (Last Of Eden), recommends advice for being a musician on the road. You can check out the tips below:

Currently we are planning our tours around some health issues which add an extra layer of complications to an already intense planning process. We were out on a run of dates in the UK over Feb / March which was our biggest run of headline shows to date.

Ben W our bass player is currently undergoing treatment at hospital which means he has regular appointments to attend on a weekly basis which make things incredibly delicate to coordinate.

Our UK tour started with a pick up straight from the hospital doors and a drive down to Bristol for a headline date at Rough Trade Records and ended with a show in London that finished with a quick overnight stop and a drive back to hospital doors just in time for the next appointment.

Our tour tips are to be kind to each other. It’s an incredibly stressful time on the road away from home, living in confined spaces. Be respectful of each others needs, let them sleep, give them space, carry that extra bit of a gear, be on time, be polite, show respect to the other bands, the venues and the crews. Your reputation depends on that mutual respect, that punctuality and that kindness. Always carry painkillers and extra water ;)

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