Join us as Lobo Gris shares one of his crazy stories from being on the road.


In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the alternative artist, Lobo Gris, shares one of his stories from being on the road. You can check out the story below:

I usually don't do concerts, Lobo Gris is an audiovisual project, as all singles have a music video, since I have been a music video director for almost 15 years. But... When such a great artist like Susana Baca asks you to sing with her, in your favorite song of her new album (Vestida de Vida), you can only say "yes of course!".

This was a concert in the most important theater in Perú, already a sold out and in the rehearsals, I thought all was going well. I got to write my own lyrics for my favorite song and was extremely happy and excited, all went amazing with all her marvelous musicians and with her... Until the day of the concert.  

The night before I got EXTREMELY NERVOUS. I thought I didn't fear anything until that day. I had nightmares of forgetting the lyrics to my part and falling off stage. This song was the climax of the concert, the last song, and nothing could go wrong. I got to the theater and we started the last rehearsal there. Ricardo, Susana's husband and manager, and also a great friend of mine, told me he dreamt of me falling off the stage too, and he was going to push for that to happen... (obviously he was joking but I got surprised because of having the same dream). Well, my nightmares became reality... While singing the song, my mind went blank. I forgot all my lyrics. We got to do it again and this time I did it well, I was still nervous. I got out of the stage and went to the stairs to talk to all my cameramen and give directions for that night (we were also filming the show, I was singing and directing this, bad idea to do both at the same time).  

The lights went out for a while, I kept walking since I was nervous... I fell off the stairs almost breaking my leg... I kinda fell off stage... Nothing could go even worse that night.  

During the whole concert, I was directing the crane camera, while rehearsing my lyrics in my mind... I was so nervous... When the concert came to an end, it was my turn... I went out to sing and then... I was standing behind the piano. Everyone was happy, I had the microphone in my hand, and my part had already ended, everyone in the theater gave me a round of applause... But I did not remember a bit of the moment, it all went like a blank space in my mind, and since I had filmed the show, once it ended, I started watching the crane camera. I had done it pretty well, all went amazing, but my mind decided to just erase the moment. Even if I try, I just can't remember a thing. My body just operated in autopilot, and luckily, I didn't mess up.  

After that day, I decided to never play live again.

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