Lisa Heller - TOUR TIPS

Join us as Lisa Heller gives you her tips for being on tour.

Lisa Heller - TOUR TIPS

In this Tour Tips segment, the bedroom/lo-fi pop artist, Lisa Heller, recommends advice for being a musician on the road. You can check out the tips below:

1. Try your best to pack light. It's easy to get carried away bringing every little thing that you could possibly think of, but it is SO worth not having to lug all that extra stuff around. You don't need 10 outfits to wear on travel days. Pick your favorite few t shirts/ sweats/comfy clothes that you wear anyway because that's probably what you will end up wearing anyway.

2. Balance is super important. Gigs are obviously the most important so make sure to get enough sleep, water, food etc. But you can see some pretty amazing cities on tour too so make sure to take some time to look out the window and explore when you can. Try local food!!

3. Pack backup gear. I know I said not to overpack but the one category that it doesn't hurt to bring extras of is equipment. You never know when a mic could stop working or a cable gets burnt out. It can never hurt to have extras of the essential things you need for your show.

4. Make sure to have a  "dress rehearsal" where you run through the whole show, including what you're going to say between songs (if you want to mention merch, if you want to talk about a new song that just came out, how much it means for you to be here right now, etc). It can never hurt to help work out these kinks.

5. Remember that no matter how scary/hard a certain moment may feel, just remember the bigger picture and that whatever speedbump you may be facing on tour will not be life ruining.

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