In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the hard rock band, Liliac, shares one of their stories from being on the road.


In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the hard rock band, Liliac, shares one of their stories from being on the road. You can check out the story, after the break.

We have so many crazy stories that happened to us on our first 40 dates tour back in 2019.
The first story was on the first show on the tour in San Francisco. We did a show at a festival, which was great, but the next day is when it got crazy. We went sightseeing to Ghirardelli Square, and we parked our van in a parking garage. When we got back, we saw that one of the windows got smashed! We were so shocked and scared because someone broke into our van. They stole a few of our bags, like two of our laptops, our expensive camera we used to shoot music videos, clothes, other electronic devices, and even our retainers. It was so heartbreaking because we felt violated, and it wasn’t a pretty scene. But we would love to thank our fans for helping us with donations to repurchase the stuff we lost.
One night we were in Clovis, New Mexico opening up for Loverboy. It was an amazing show! The crazy thing was during Loverboy’s set we were on the side of the stage watching them perform. Then, while they were performing their final song, the drummer called Abigail on stage to play with him. And then the singer called Melody on to the stage to sing with him!!! The crowd was going crazy, and it was a memorable night. We even made a vlog about it on our YouTube channel.
We had a huge opportunity to perform on the Kiss Kruise in 2019, which was going from Miami to the Bahamas, then to Jamaica and back to Florida. The cruise was the best time of our lives! We got to see Kiss perform live for the first time and not only that we got to meet Tommy Thyr, Eric singer and Melody had a chance to be in Paul Stanley’s art class where she painted him, and he loved it so much he signed it and took a picture with her. Once we got back from the cruise, we were waiting in our hotel when some man comes rushing in with a gunshot wound in his arm asking for bandages. We were shocked and asked what happened to him. He said that he wasn’t even from Florida, and it was his first time here. Somehow a group of guys with guns wanted to rob him because he worked for a high tech company. Well, the dude that got shot was also carrying a gun because in his state they have open carry. Anyways, the group of guys shot first, and then he fired back. They started running away, but he ended up with a wound in his arm. The guy said he didn’t feel any pain at the moment because of the adrenaline, but nonetheless, it was a crazy story.

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