Lexi Jayde – DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, the singer-songwriter, Lexi Jayde, reveals who she would want on their ultimate tour lineup.

Lexi Jayde

In this Dream Tour segment, the singer-songwriter, Lexi Jayde, reveals who she would want on their ultimate tour lineup. You can check out their picks, after the break.

Tame Impala- I’m a HUGE fan of Kevin and his crew!! His music makes me feel some type of wayyyy that I could never explain. I’ve seen him in concert twice now and about to see him again at the Forum, and every time I’ve just been so in awe of his sets and overall entire performance. I can’t even begin to describe how sick his stage design is. Coolest thing you’ll ever see. I flew to NYC just to see him live and cried lol. His music speaks to me and I truly believe his songs are the definition of art. His new album The Slow Rush is absolutely insane and I’m so stoked to see it live, literally counting down the days. His music is on repeat all day every day in my world and is such an inspiration.
Lennon Stella- Lennon blows my mind. She is so insanely talented when it comes to vocals and writing. I definitely look up to her as an artist and she inspires me to do what I do. She’s just so dope, from her vibe, style, and voice, I love everything about her. Like genuinely I just wanna sit in a room with her and chill. She’s one of the first artists that I’ve listened to that has the style of music I wanna pursue!
John Mayor- Oh how I would die to share a stage with him. John is just a beautiful human with a BEAUTIFUL VOICE. I’m waiting for the day I see him live. I’ve been listening to his songs for years and they just have so much depth to them. I could listen to him sing 24/7. He’s definitely one of my musical inspirations.
Frank Sinatra- Franks a little out of the mix from the others, but I wish he was still here, I love love love Frank. I’m obsessed with old music and he just gives me the best vibes. UGH the Jazz, his vocals, makes me feel something no other type of music makes me feel. Pure joy when his songs play!
Justin Bieber- I’m a Belieber, yes. Justin is a huge huge music inspiration for me! I look up to him after everything he’s been through and how much passion, love, and hard work he puts into his craft. I really just want to be friends with him and sit and talk haha I feel like he’s just such a sick dude. If he was on a tour I was on, I feel like he’d bring the best vibes and really push the music flow into everyone. But yea, how could Justin not be on the list!!

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