Laurlyn - DREAM TOUR

Join us as Laurlyn tells you about her dream tour lineup.

Laurlyn - DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, the alternative pop artist, Laurlyn, reveals who she would want on her ultimate tour lineup. You can check out their picks below:

Right now my dream tour would consist of all of the artists that inspired the songwriting, sounds, and creation of my EP “Modern Nocturnes.” One of the most fun things about the production process of the record was pulling references from some of my favorite artists across various genres to create my own unique sound. This Dream Tour would be eclectic, but so very fun! Here is my lineup:

Clairo - This lineup would start quiet and contemplative, but also emotive and somehow so full of energy. Clairo has two incredible albums out in this world that have inspired me greatly!

The Japanese House - I myself am a huge fan of the distinct and compelling songwriting and production choices from The Japanese House, but my producer Matt Tuton is even more so. He referenced her tracks a lot throughout the production process of Modern Nocturnes.

Caroline Polachek - Caroline is such a vivacious and compelling pop artist. She is pushing pop boundaries and she has me in awe. I have been dying to see her live!

The National - The National has been my favorite band for over a decade. Their melancholy melodies and instrumentation for sure has made its way into my own writing and inspired one of the instrumentals on the EP.

Billie Eilish - Another pop boundary pushing artist! Billie’s songs are written over really lush chord progressions that inspired the progression and melody I wrote for "Whisper."

The Weeknd - I am a huge fan of 80’s synths, and The Weeknd has brought those sounds back into the pop fold in such an incredible way. We used multiple songs of his as references when selecting synth sounds throughout the EP.

I love that each of these artists have found their own niche and creative space that is unique to them while still being so accessible and palatable for so many listeners.  At each of their cores they write great songs and tell compelling stories and then use production to enhance their work. As mentioned, this collection of artists would take us all over the genre map, but I would personally empty my bank account to see all of these artists in one epic lineup!

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