Lauren Ruth Ward - TOUR TIPS

Join us as Lauren Ruth Ward gives you some of her tips for being on tour.

Lauren Ruth Ward - TOUR TIPS

In this Tour Tips segment, the alternative artist, Lauren Ruth Ward, recommends advice for being a musician on the road. You can check out the tips below:

Tip 1. BFFs :)  When choosing who to bring out on the road, it's so very important to remember you will be in close quarters with these humans all day everyday. I will never not hire my best friends. If they're not available for the gig, find people you trust to be your true authentic self around. This is massively important.

Tip 2. Communication! Don't be an a*shole, and if you are, say sorry and buy them a coffee. Kindly vocalize boundaries or peacefully surrender to all the energies you encounter. I like to end my days on the road with everyone saying their high and the low of the day. The responses are usually hilarious and you learn so much about each other and how to look out for one another.

Tip 3. Organization!  I could write a book on this one, Marie Condo ain't got nothing on me. Bags you can see through are clutch for finding things quickly. If I'm flying a lot, I like to bring one big wheely bag and have to put three separate bags in it 1. Show bag: with all stage wear + make up + pre show ritual (candle & yoga mat). 2. Travel/off day bag, this one gets brought into every hotel / airbnb (leaving your show stuff in the car if it's a driving tour.) This one will also have your toiletries and any activities that  keep you sane. Extra toiletry tip: for month(s) long tours, put your shampoo, mouthwash, etc. in reusable food pouches (yeah, the ones little kids eat apple sauce out of), this way you gain space as you use your products.

Tip 4. Rituals! Do not throw away your routines, this is so important to stay grounded, happy and healthy. If wheels are up at 7AM and I am driving that day, then I'm waking up at 6AM to get my journaling and meditation in. Bring your vitamins, mushrooms / protein powder, fave tea bags. make time to work out just as much as you do when your not on the road. When I'm not in a hotel, I Airbnb and I must cook, just like I'm at home.

Tip 5. Comfort!  All the medicines, slippers, sweaters, car pillow, EAR PLUGS, eye mask.. treat yourself like you would a widdle baby puppy. Bring all the things that grant you better sleep, keep you warm, make you feel like everything's going to be okay. Especially on that really rough day.. it's the 6th show in a row + you gotta drive 8 hours + it's raining + your in the UK so you're navigating on the wrong side of the road + its december so it's f*cking cold and pitch black by 3:30p + you just got your period + all you need is sleep. Turn to the comforts!

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