Join us as Last Penance tells you a crazy story from being on the road.


In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the metal band, Last Penance, shares one of their stories from being on the road. You can check out the story below:

As Last Penance, we didn’t tour enough yet to have some crazy stories, but we all played in other bands – this is a story that happened to 3 of us while touring with a different project. In 2014 we toured around the Baltic sea. Halfway through the tour we arrived in Finland during midsommer- the time when sun barely sets for a minute during the day, which gave the whole situation quite a surreal atmosphere.

After the show, around 12:00 PM we arrived at the promoters place to stay the night. It was a typical Scandinavian cozy house, which happened to also be a bit derelict, only adding to the “Silent Hill” vibe of the grey morning-like vibe of the place. The promoter let us in and told us that he is going back to the club and he will be back later.

We unpacked, hanged out a bit and were getting ready to go to sleep when two of us decided to step outside for one last smoke before hitting the sack. While we were smoking and chatting we noticed a girl we saw at the show slowly approaching us. From her zombielike walk (She had a Samara from “The Ring” vibe ) we could see that the party she had was quite a good one . She approached us and started talking to us in Finnish, which ,of course, we didn’t understand a word of. We offered her smokes, but she declined and started to speak a bit more aggressively. Since we could not come to an understanding, we decided to head back in and call it a day.

When we started walking back, we realized that she is slowly following us. We got into the house, hoping to lock the door. It turned out that the mechanism was busted, and the door could not be locked, no matter how hard we tried. Since we didn’t want to let her into a house that wasn’t ours, we decided to hold the door by hand, at least until she goes away. She started to knock on the door, after that she began to force the door, and finally when that didn’t work, she resorted to throwing stones at the house. To be honest, even though we outnumbered her 5 to 1, we still got quite scared. After all,  no one is used to getting your house sieged by the girl from “The Ring” .

After about 15 minutes, we gave up and stopped our defense of the “Hill House”. She got in, talked a bit in Finnish, and played us some local disco music (That’s the day we learned that Finnish disco is a thing ). She was up for about an hour, and then went to one of the rooms and left us for the rest of the night. The owner of the house came back about 2 hours later, while we were sleeping. We woke up  a couple of hours later, since we had to get started super early to get to the next gig on the tour. While we were getting ready to leave she came down from her room, and in perfectly fluent English explained that she is super sorry, but she was quite drunk and that she actually lived here, which the promoter forgot to mention to us. Image the whole thing from her side. You go to a party, you come back home and there are 5 guys living there, refusing to let you in. I don’t know who had the creeper experience – us or her. We left for Helsinki in the morning to continue our tour.

Since 9 years later we continue doing music together, I believe that is situation is what helped us bond super quick. Nothing helps breaking ice like living through a horror movie scenario.

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