Kyle Daniel – TOUR TIPS

In this Tour Tips segment, the country music artist, Kyle Daniel, shares his tips for being on the road.

Kyle Daniel

In this Tour Tips segment, the country music artist, Kyle Daniel, shares his tips for being on the road. You can check out his advice, after the break.

1. Always pack more than enough socks and underwear – This should come as no surprise, but clean underwear and socks can change a day all in themselves. Clean clothes on tour is an absolute must for me. I can’t stand smelling myself or someone else’s stink, especially in the summer heat. I guess that’s the OCD in me. Nobody wants to wear inside-out underwear or socks anyways.
2. Know when to party and when to sleep – After years of touring, both in van and trailer situations as well as in a tour bus, I have learned that knowing your limits is essential. Not only because you don’t want to be nursing a hangover on days that you have shows, but adequate sleep can keep you healthy on the road in more ways than one. It may take some adjustment, but you’ll thank me when your drummer is barely hanging on after a late night of drinking and you’re feeling like a champ!
3. Take care of your body and voice – I have learned that it’s extremely difficult to eat healthy on the road, considering the amount of truck stops that are usually hit for snacks or meals, but it can be done. Be smart about your choices when picking your food fuel for the road. I travel with a vocal humidifier, an assorted array of nose sprays and throat medicines/teas as well as a family size pack of Emergen-C. There’s nothing worse than being sick on the road! Take care of yourself by eating well and giving your voice proper love as well.
4. Don’t be the one everyone is waiting on – Touring is hard enough as is, so don’t be the person that the rest of the band is waiting on. Prime examples of situations in which you should be punctual: for soundcheck, at gas station/bathroom stops, at load in/load out and bus/van call. Treat everyone else’s time as your own, and be respectful of the other members in the band. That way you’re not the one constantly being singled out or searched for.
5. Be a good hang – We spend the majority of our time ON the road, so doing your job is only a small percentage of touring. If you want to continue to tour with a band/artist I highly suggest you hit a homer in the hang category. Know when to joke and when to be serious. HAVE FUN! The conditions out there can be less than desirable at times, so it’s always a plus to have a good attitude no matter what. After all, we’re in this together, right?!?

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