Join us as Koílos shares what they do before taking the stage.


In this Preshow Rituals segment, the nu metal band, Koílos, reveals what they do before taking the stage. You can check out the rituals below:

The very first part of our preshow ritual is talking about how early we all plan to meet up and load up the RV to go wherever we're going for that day. We always tell ourselves "we'll get to the venue early so we have a few hours to relax and check things out." In reality, we are almost always rushing but still somehow manage to arrive right before load-in. In the twilight zone hours in between sound check and when we actually play, everybody has their own things they do to prepare mentally.

If the venue has a bar of any sort, all four of us will get something to drink at some point. Quentin may have his signature whiskey sour, Robbie his domestic beer, while myself (Jake) and Brad may opt for a specialty mixed drink. Him and I are fans of White Russians. Nobody in the band is dumb, so no one goes over their limit before playing. This is almost always followed up by our trusty roadie Mike's brief from his recon mission of scouting the venue. The stage, PA, soundboard, everything. No stone goes unturned when Mike is checking out a venue he's never been to, and occasionally he will join us for a drink to tell us about it whether we wanted to learn or not.

After we've done our adventuring everybody may split for a little bit before the rendezvous side stage. Some may go hang out in the RV, some may go watch the other bands play or spend some time with their families. Roadie Mike is usually setting up our merch at this point. Me personally I enjoy trying to meet new people, pick the brains of other bands, and occasionally try to rizz a woman by explaining how Fergie is an extremely influential but underrated pop star. Either way, we'll shoot a quick message in the band chat to rally the troops when it's time to head to the stage, and the rest is just a matter of trusting the process and the hard work we put in to give the crowd a fun show.

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