We The Kings’ “Summer Fest Tour” – REVIEW

We had the awesome opportunity to make it out to the Chicago date of We The Kings’ “Summer Fest Tour” with supporting acts, T. Mills, Breathe Carolina, The Ready Set and Keep It Cute. You can check out our review…

We The Kings’ “Summer Fest Tour” – REVIEW

We had the awesome opportunity to make it out to the Chicago date of We The Kings’ “Summer Fest Tour” with supporting acts, T. Mills, Breathe Carolina, The Ready Set and Keep It Cute. You can check out our review of the night’s events, after the break.

If there is one tour you’re going to go to this summer, We The King’s Summerfest Tour is the one to attend. Traveling with Keep It Cute, The Ready Set, T. Mills, and Breathe Carolina, this is one tour you do not want to miss out on.

Starting off the night was Texas band, Keep It Cute. Don’t let these young ones fool you. They put on a great show and are so eager to meet their fans. As soon as their set finished they were by the merch area talking, promoting, and just meeting everyone. The whole night they were there, even when the show was over. They are truly a band I expect to see big things from. I would recommend checking out their songs “This City”, Celebrate”, and “Fairytale”, you won’t regret it. If you like what you hear, catch them on their next tour with Parachute in the fall.

Keeping the party going was The Ready Set. I loved how they just kept pumping out songs from their set one right after the other. There were barely any pauses in between songs which was nice because I feel we got more music that way. Including all the classics such as “Young Forever”, “Notions”, “More than Alive”, “A Little More”, “Love Like Woe” and ending the night with “Give Me Your Hand”, the crowd was jumping the whole way through.

Not sure if it was just me but I feel like T.Mills’ set was taking longer than usual to get set up and not sure if he had a full set. Regardless he put on a show that was nothing less than what I would expect from T. Mills. Complete with his sexual gestures and raunchy lyrics, for those who knew his songs they could be heard singing along. Wearing a Chicago Bulls jersey, ( a signature move on his part to wear something from Chicago when here), he made sure to play favorites such as “Lightweight”, “She Got A…”, “Loud”, “Right Song”, “Diemonds”, “Vans On”, and even performed a new song as well. Afterwards he too, was by the merch area signing and meeting fans.

Now if you have never been to a Breathe Carolina show, then you are truly missing out. It is seriously one huge rave. Bringing their hits to the party such as “Hit and Run”, “Blackout”, “Hello Fascination”, “IDGAF”, “Last Night”, as well as a new song from their new mixtape, it was nonstop. In between songs they also played their own remixes of songs such as Get Lucky, and did a cover of a Michael Jackson song. During their set, Kyle kept going into the crowd and at one point just appeared in the crowd singing and then crowd surfed his way to the front. It is an understatement to say that they were energetic during the show. They were on another level and they made sure to take the crowd with them. If you messed them this time around, they will be back in the fall with Sleeping With Sirens, Issues and Our Last Night.

“Music is one of those things that is not fucked up yet,” said Travis to the crowd. We the Kings is one of those bands that you have to see at least once in your life for just how fun they are when they take the stage. It was a night of sing alongs, when included in their set list was “She Takes Me High”, “Skyway Avenue”, “Secret Valentine”, “Friday is Forever”, “Heaven Can Wait”, “We’ll Be A Dream”,  and “Check Yes, Juliet”. They put the time they were given to good use and even did a medley from their first album. Including covers into their set of songs such as “Stay”, “Billionaire”, and “Mr. Brightside”, they also brought someone on stage and Travis serenaded them, complete with a rose, a slow dance, a ‘car ride’, and a kiss on the cheek. I’m sure for those whole three minutes every girl in the venue who was not on that stage was crazy, jealous of the lucky girl.

They are so grateful for their fans and make sure they know it. Dedicating the song “Just Keep Breathing” to the fans for “saving them [the band]”, Travis wanted the crowd to sing the words with meaning and that, they did. This show was also the one they picked to do a music video for their upcoming new song. So watch out for that when they release it.

The whole night was one of the best shows I’ve been to and one I would relive again. Even though when I first heard the lineup, I was a bit surprised at the music diversity but they all pull it off and it was one cohesive show. Buy a ticket to Summer Fest, it will be a night to remember and good vibes all around.

Information about the review…
Tour: We The Kings’ “Summer Fest Tour”
Bands: We The Kings, T. Mills, Breathe Carolina, The Ready Set, Keep It Cute
Reviewer: Ali Jimenez
Date: August 10, 2013
Venue: Vic Theater in Chicago, IL