Join us as Kayla DiVenere tells the story of her first concert.

(photo credit: Lili Skyler)

In this First Concert Ever segment, the pop artist, Kayla DiVenere, talks about the story of her first experience with live music. You can check out the story below:

For some reason, I didn’t end up going to my first concert until I was 13 or 14 years old. I had always dreamed of going to a live concert, so when my friend bought us tickets to see Justin Bieber’s Purpose World Tour, I was ecstatic! I was the biggest hardcore Belieber that you could ever imagine. I had a life-size cardboard cutout of him in my room! I would write about him in my diary and listen to his music on repeat.

The day of the concert arrived and I broke my ankle!! But, I didn’t let that stop me one bit. I went to the stadium on my crutches and put in some good miles on them while getting to my seat! My thoughts were racing, I couldn’t believe he was real, that we were in the same room as him and breathing the same air as him! After I finished fangirling, I took a moment to look around. It was amazing to see thousands of people in one stadium that all shared the same love for an artist and their music. It touched me in a way that I could never forget.

The best moment of the night was when everyone turned their phone flashlights on for “Love Yourself.” I couldn’t even hear Justin Bieber through the thousands of screaming voices yelling back every lyric perfectly to him, but I thought it was one of the most beautiful things I had ever experienced. We were all strangers that day, but we became one unit that night. That was the moment I realized just how powerful and uniting music can be. It really was one of those life defining moments. Thank you, Justin Bieber!

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