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In this Dream Tour segment, the pop punk band, joyful., reveals who they would want on their ultimate tour lineup.


In this Dream Tour segment, the pop punk band, joyful., reveals who they would want on their ultimate tour lineup. You can check out their picks, after the break.

During every musician’s career, we all have the same thought at one point or another; if I could tour with anyone, any artist living or deceased, who would I hit the road with? We might even jokingly think about what we would want in our rider! You know, a bowl of M&Ms with all the greens taken out, a 80-inch tv playing nothing but “Jersey Shore” reruns, a petting zoo so you can pet a goat before you play your set. You know, totally reasonable stuff. But more importantly, the bands you want to play with. So with that all being said, today we’ll answer the following question. What would a dream tour for joyful. look like? Who would we want to share the stage with?
Like us, if you were a kid into pop-punk and Emo music that was in high school a decade ago, there’s a good chance you were obsessed with My Chemical Romance at one point or another, so it should be no surprise that they would be one band it would be a dream come true for us to hit the road with. Imagine playing a set followed by getting to sit stage side and watch MCR play “Helena” and “The Ghost Of You.” It would be absolutely insane and inspiring. There’s nothing cooler than watching your heroes do their thing. On top of them being just an incredible band, it would be really cool to get to hang out with those guys on a daily basis for the span of a tour.
Speaking of bands that are nostalgic to us, Taking Back Sunday is another band that would be a part of our dream tour. Their Albums “Tell All Your Friends” and “Louder Now” are extremely inspiring to us, and it would be pretty insane to share a stage night after night with the guys who wrote records that we still listen to all the time. I also feel like Adam Lazzara would be a fun dude to party with. He seems wild!
Finally, I feel like we have to throw a bit of a wild card in here. A band that goes harder than any act to ever walk the face of the planet earth. The greatest band in the universe. I’m of course talking about the one, the only, Limp Bizkit. If you don’t think it would rule to tour with Limp Bizkit then you’re just wrong. It would be the best. Imagine, Fred Durst and the boys calling us on stage to jam “Rollin’” with them at the end of the night. A dream come true. I also feel like the dynamic of Taking Back Sunday, MCR, and Limp Bizkit being together would be extremely awkward and hilarious. We would be all about it. What a dream tour that would be.
This is of course all what-if scenario. But maybe someday you’ll see the “joyful Bizkits Sunday Romance” tour coming to a city near you.

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