Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers – TOUR TIPS

In this Tour Tips segment, the indie rock artist, Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers, reveals his tips for being an artist on the road.

Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers

In this Tour Tips segment, the indie rock artist, Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers, reveals his tips for being an artist on the road. You can check out the advice and listen to his newest single, Evening Coffee, after the break.

1. Bring People Together
Humans have been banging on drums and dancing around fires since we became humans. Music is an extension of that. It brings us together and enforces communal binds. Musical appreciation is, quite literally, engrained in our DNA. To bring people together, to create a community through art… that’s the apex. All aspirations are moot in the face of this. To bring people together is a service to humanity!
2. Make Art From the Place Within You that Wants to Share
Success, acknowledgment, and admiration are certainly motivating, but it is ultimately hollow. To pursue music is to climb one mountain after another and instead of solely focusing on the peaks, make sure to smell the roses. Be a sponge to the moment and create the kind of art you want to share. Music is about connections and should be made from the place within you that wants to give love. You’ll likely get love in return. Express joy on stage as an extension of the emotions and experiences that created your songs. Humanity is in desperate need of that kind of energy!
3. All Things Begin and All Things End
The music fades for us all and it is important to arrive with grace and depart with grace. We will all step off stage for the last time sooner or later. However, the mark we leave forms ripples that will last eternally. Just as you have been inspired by those before you, you will inspire those who come after. The artists of today must build upon the existing musical foundation for the artists of the future. The humanities must move forward!
4. Every Melody is a Gift From the Universe
Songs are born of experience and true emotion. When you put these two together, you get a key that lets you reach up and grab a song from the nebulous realm where inspiration lies waiting for someone like you to come along. We all know the feeling. Embrace inspiration and creativity as a gift from the universe and nurture them into their truest form. Seek knowledge and experiences to uncover the songs hidden in the universe – and then share them with the world. Humanity deserves nothing less than the truth.
5. Giving Love
-A- (Those You Love): Understand the importance of your family and friends; those who you love the most. Without them, you likely wouldn’t even be playing music- and understand the strain, especially early on, that music will place on these relationships. Make them a priority because they are more important than the music. When the music has ended, they are what will give your life meaning.
-B- (Your Team): With time, a similar type of love will manifest itself amongst your team. Recognize that friendship can evolve into family. Understand the importance of positive influencers and make sure they are recognized. Achieve your goals and dreams in unison by inspiring the talents of those around you. Be open and accepting to the ideas of others and make it known when you appreciate someone.
-C- (The Places You Have Called Home): We have called many places home. Many of us will uproot to experience worldly adventures, while others will stay put, surrounded by the comforts of old friendships and their families. Regardless, hold dear the places you have called home and recognize that you are the product of the places you have been and the people and experiences that inhabit them. Wherever you go, bring a piece of your home with you and use it to make the world a better place.

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