Join us as Joe Grah reveals a crazy story from touring.


In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the hard rock artist, Joe Grah, shares one of his stories from being on the road. You can check out the story below:

Although this tale is not even close to my craziest tour story, which includes jail, broken bones, and drug-induced indecency, it is a true classic nonetheless.

Several years ago, I moved to Los Angeles and teamed up with current Motley Crue guitarist John 5 to form the band Loser. Our first tour with Staind and Theory Of A Deadman took us all over the eastern and central US. During one of our days off, we played an Island Def-jam retreat for Jay Z at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut and were en route to pick up the tour in Portland, ME. Heavy snow and cold weather excited our young bass player, Charles. Hailing from San Antonio, TX, he never really experienced snow before. Arriving at the hotel in P, fascinated by the massive piles of snow everywhere, and before we could even come to a complete stop, Charles jumped out and sprinted full speed towards the closest pile of seemingly freshly plowed snow. Diving into the snow pile, he bounced off like a rubber ball face-first onto the snow-covered concrete. We all gasped as he jumped up, throwing his arms out and screaming, "Yeah!" We checked into the hotel and started to unwind. Later that evening, as the blizzard settled in, our tour manager knocked on the door. Unfortunately, the show here in Portland tomorrow night is under snow cancellation.

When I woke up the next day, Charles was gone, but all his stuff, including his cell phone, was still there. I immediately called our TM Dean, and he said the Theory guys took him to a hockey game. Oh, ok, all good, no worries. The following morning, no Charles, and now we have to leave for a sixteen-hour drive to the next show in Charleston, SC.

We started the drive with heavy heads, without a bass player, uncertain of what we were facing in Charleston. As day became night, Dean's phone rang. It's Theory's TM. Apparently, Charles and the boys went to the game in Portland, stayed up all night, got wasted, and passed out. In the morning, unbeknownst to anyone, the bus left for Theory's one-off show with Charles passed out in a back junk bunk. He woke up later that night, disoriented in another state, on someone else's bus without his phone or any money. Luckily, our brand new Canadian friends in Theory treated Charles well as we reunited for a killer show in Charleston.

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