Jillian Rossi – DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, the pop artist, Jillian Rossi, reveals who she would want on her ultimate tour lineup.

Jillian Rossi

In this Dream Tour segment, the pop artist, Jillian Rossi, reveals who she would want on her ultimate tour lineup. You can check out their picks, after the break.

My ideal tour line up would be an all-female powerhouse line up, something that really shows the power of women in music. I would love to perform myself alongside other amazing female vocalists like Ariana Grande, Bebe Rexha, Demi Lovato, Adele, and Christina Aguilera, Zoe Wees & other women with voices with similar strength and power that I aim to have in mine. Each of these women stands up for what I value in music – soaring with their voices and really giving 110% into their live performances and their recorded music, as well as off the stage as well. They are all outspoken, inspirational, and stand for something more than music. I don’t think there has been a concert like that with that sort of pairing with an all-female power cast – and growing up I think I would be front stage at that concert screaming my heart out thinking “one day that could be me”.
I would also love to have Madison Beer there as I am a big fan of “Selfish” and “Stained Glass” – and being a pop artist coming from Long Island just like her would be amazing to pair up like that. Her ascension into the music space and how she has transformed her sound has been so awesome to see.
I think that would be an insane show because of the amazing inspirations these women are. I would want to donate the profit to a good cause like an anti-bullying being that I had my ups & downs growing up, my song ‘So What’ is very much about that. There is so much pressure on people nowadays to fit a certain standard – an ideal body type, to be a certain way. If there would be some way to put my money where my mouth is and donate the money I would make to a fund like that would mean so much to me. Splitting the funds for autism awareness being that my brother has autism would be really powerful to me as well. I want to be an artist that not only brings meaning and purpose to their music but one who acts on it as well.
I want to bring big boisterous voices back to pop music, and having those women there to support me would be a dream come true.

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