Jake Daniels – TOUR TIPS

In this Tour Tips segment, the indietronica artist, Jake Daniels, recommends advice for being a musician on the road.

Jake Daniels

In this Tour Tips segment, the indietronica artist, Jake Daniels, recommends advice for being a musician on the road. You can check out the tips, after the break.

5 tips I would give to any artist going on tour or doing a set of shows: (by Jake Daniels)
1. Eat healthy – It seems obvious and impossible at the same time, but eating clean can help your state of mind, body, and put you in the right place for each performance. It’s easy to grab fast food on tour since you’re always on the go, and sometimes you might have to, but I would suggest trying your best to eat more clean and have a routine in which you eat. This can maximize performance and physical ability.
2. Listen to your music frequently – kind of a weird one, but important in my opinion. Sometimes on tour or during a show, an artist can forget their words, a musical break, or something of the sort. It’s important to really have your music in your head and ears so that you don’t experience that forgetfulness on stage. Obviously having rehearsals is always helpful, but I think listening to your words and music on your own time can improve the way you showcase it when it comes time to do so.
3. Live in the moment – So I know I just said to be focused on things during a performance, but it’s also important to let yourself go and be free. What I mean is that not everything is meant to be perfect all the time or strictly off paper or a setlist. Have fun – take a guitar solo, jump in the crowd, talk with the crowd about real life. It’s important to stay present and not get caught up in the show. Remember that you’re human and so are the people at your show on tour. They want to interact with you on a deeper level most likely to remember you and get to know what they can of you. Being yourself and living in that is so important.
4. Drink water – lots and lots of water. – I know it’s easy to get caught up in having fun on tour, which is one of the reasons it’s even more important to drink water. Maybe you had a long night of drinking, or maybe you’ve just experienced allergies. Either way, drink your water to keep yourself hydrated and functioning.
5. Document. Everything. – this seems weird, but we live in a digital age. It’s important to connect with people every moment you can. I would highly suggest documenting tours because it gives people an inside look at what your tour life is actually like. Again, human interaction. Shows can be so fun and cool, and you want to relive those memories in the future. Documentation is a big part of that. Also, fans want to relive that with you, so it’ll make them fans for life. Make a movie, vlog series, or similar. I promise this will help your marketing as well as your happiness!

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