Join us as HRTLSS reveals his ultimate tour lineup.


In this Dream Tour segment, the alternative rock artist, HRTLSS, reveals who he would want on his ultimate tour lineup. You can check out their picks below:

My ideal tour! Where do I start. First one is EASY. Linkin Park as headline. Obsessed with that band would be an understatement, they got me through some rough times as a kid, and to have been in the presence of Chester, who I hope is rocking out in a better place now. I love to skate, and when I started as a kid, I used to watch mtv2 all the time for programs like jackass and I remember catching a glimpse of Crawling in my skin, and I haven’t stopped listening to that album since.

The reason that band holds such a place in my heart is because my late, big brother was a hip hop and drum and bass only kinda guy, but he liked ‘In The End’ allot and was pretty much the only ‘Rock’ band he ever liked because of that song.

Next on the line up, XXX Tentacion, and Post Malone. Two ‘Hip Hop’ artists that I just love, and whilst I don’t bump much HipHop, If I do, it’s them. Both of them are Metal heads at heart you can tell, and both of them are true artists, their lyrics are what catches me.

I gotta pick two others atleast, so I’m going to go with  a relatively new talent, and say Sleep Token, then again would I pick Bad Omens? Could I have them both? Heard both of these in maybe 2022 so was late to the party but damn! These bands are so good. Sleep Token for their innovative structures and genre blending, and Bad Omens for the vocalists pipes, what a voice.

When I listen to music I search for a few things, and if the song or artist has none of them I turn off. These are, a melody that spikes a raw emotion out of you, a certain ambiance that wraps around you, and lyrics that come from an honest place. And Sleep Token, and Bad Omens, as well as every band in my dream tour line up have these aplenty!!

But to finish, my last pick would have to be another OG, and battling in my head with Deftones or Foo Fighters but I’m going to go with Deftones. Talk about VIBE. picked them up the same time I did Linkin Park,  back in the MTV, Jackass, skating and high school days, and dare I say, Deftones had a huge impact and influence on how I play my guitar, and the chord choices.

This would be one hell of a tour !!! In terms of order and line up, it could change each night but as long as HRTLSS is in that line up then it’s happy days!

Anyways, thanks for reading my Dream Tour, and I hope you enjoyed the idea of a Linkin Park, HRTLSS, Post Malone, Deftones, Sleep Token, XXX Tentacion, Bad Omens line up!!

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