Join us as HOSTVGE reveals their dream tour lineup picks.


In this Dream Tour segment, the modern metal/hardcore band, HOSTVGE, reveals who they would want on their ultimate tour lineup. You can check out their picks below:

It's hard to choose a few bands that would be part of our dream tour, as we do love a lot of amazing bands in all genres and subgenres, however, we managed to pick a band from each member. Obviously, we'd be the opening set of the night, clearly just to see the other bands perform. Starting with Tudor, our vocalist, his pick was Alpha Wolf. Their vibes are amazing, we just love their sound altogether and they are one of our biggest inspirations for our music. We do hope that, eventually, we'll be able to see them live and maybe share the stage with them? We can only hope for this. Codrin, our guitarist, picked Knocked Loose. All of us saw them when they came to Romania last summer, and it was one of the greatest things we saw live. The pure raw force, the people going nuts over their songs, the boost in energy they gave the whole festival (it was the last day, everyone was exhausted before them) - it is surely something that we hope we can achieve in the future. Me, on the other hand, I am going away from Hardcore and I'd pick Sleep Token to close the entire set - just to make us feel again after all this hardcore/metalcore/deathcore galore. Our bassist, George, picked Chelsea Grin. We do love their brutal style, which sounds even better live - we saw them live when they opened for Parkway Drive on their European tour last year, they are flawless.

Last but not least, Dragos, our drummer, picked Northlane. The way they experiment with electronic music and the way they are combining this with their original sound is just amazing. It was another big inspiration for us, as we are also trying to combine as much as possible from the Drum and Bass scene in our sound.

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