Hollow Valley – DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, the metalcore band, Hollow Valley, reveals who they would want on their ultimate tour lineup.

Hollow Valley

In this Dream Tour segment, the metalcore band, Hollow Valley, reveals who they would want on their ultimate tour lineup. You can check out their picks, after the break.

The band that I’d want Hollow Valley to tour with the most is definitely Linkin Park. They were the main band that got me into heavier music. Their use of non-traditional sounds (like DJ scratching) and blending unique genres is something that always inspires me and influences the music I create. Plus wouldn’t that just be a fun time? Those dudes loved what they did!
My dream tour was to share a headliner with A Feast For Kings. Not only were they an amazing band, but every member treated you like family. I’d definitely say that their sound had a huge effect on the style of drumming that I pursued on the FATAL EP. R.I.P Eric Gentry.
My dream tour would be with Dayseeker. I’ve always admired this band and how they effortlessly blend ambient/melancholy with aggressive breakdowns and catchy choruses. They are a band I always come back to when I need inspiration and continue to enjoy to this day! Touring with a band like that would be a dream come true for me personally and definitely something I would consider bucket list-worthy!
Picking one band to choose from is almost impossible! There are so many great bands out there, but I would love to tour with Traitors. There are other bands out there who have influenced me a lot and were essential to getting me into heavy music but Traitors is the band that has influenced me the most the last few years. I believe it was 2018 when we first opened for them and they just blew me away. Seeing and hearing them live was insane. The heaviness, the long slow breakdowns, and the overall brutality and violence they bring are second to none. After we saw them, we knew that we needed to change our writing style. That’s a big reason why there is such a different sound now compared to our first EP release. We knew we wanted to be heavier but also have our own twist on things, and I think we did a great job with our last release and our upcoming one. They also have a work ethic that inspires me. They changed the game and proved what could be done for artists on an independent level. It also helps that they are some of the best people I’ve met. They are extremely nice, professional, and helpful. Tyler, through his guest feature process, was fun to work with and Stephen and Alan are great as well. We’ve shared the stage with them twice now but to tour with them would be really cool.

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