In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the rock band, The HIDDN, shares one of their stories from being on the road.


In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the rock band, The HIDDN, shares one of their stories from being on the road. You can check out the story, after the break.

So yeah we were playing this chain of gigs all around Rome area, city centre but also smaller towns around it to try to push our music to the attention of as many people as possible obviously.
That Saturday we played at “La Perla Nera” (The Black Pearl), this beautiful Pirate of the Caribbean-inspired pub, all wooden with candles around.
I can’t say if there was some kind of Aztec curse going on with our gear that night but there was something sinister about my amp for sure, which blew up just before starting playing the gig and left us in the hands of some other kind musician who lent us one to be able to play. After that everything went pretty cool till the end, but the end of the nite was just the beginning of another series of unfortunate events!
We had few drinks afterward but I only had a couple because I was driving, so at some point, we start loading all our stuff back in the car which was definitely too full up, heavy as hell.
We say goodbye, get in the car and start driving in the darkest countryside I’ve ever driven before.
You might say “Just use Google Maps and blah blah” but it’s only because you might not know us. We were like a crew on a boat without a compass, just loud rock music playing all over our words trying to find a way to get out of darkness.
At some point very irresponsibly we just picked up one direction at the crossroad and driven through all of it and felt like we were going downhill, downer and downer in this summer night and the music was off at that point as we needed awareness in our minds.
We didn’t know where we were, never been there before and for the first five minutes of driving it almost felt like a safe little country road, but was that just the power of the Aztec course hallucinating us maybe? Joking our minds like mermaids do with hopeless sailors?
Fuck yeah, it was! In literally one second the road had no cement or nothing hard enough to drive on, it was like one o’clock am and we were stuck in a thick sea of mud!
I was behind the wheel and the responsibility for how it was gonna end up (for the car and us) was pretty much all in my hands…or was it should?
Should always keep calm and start thinking in situations like that one I thought and that’s probably why I just started panicking pushing on the accelerator as if there was no tomorrow! Because of the friction, a lot of smoke started coming out from the back of the car which wasn’t going anywhere and I was already like “Let’s call a helicopter or something!” but hey, that’s what friends are here for. When I was kind of giving up they started cheering me up a bit and had the brilliant idea to get all the gear out of the car, take it somewhere on the close road we came from making the vehicle lighter and try again.
It started raining lightly and we had all our amps and electronics naked under the dark sky and that was my last opportunity to get that car out that mud.
I came back in, turned the engine on, and tried to focus, so slowly I started pushing on the clutch, accelerating as softly as I could and the car which was way lighter started finally moving backward. At that point was the end of the game, it was my moment, so I don’t know why but I just started screaming and accelerated all the way down in once and the car almost jumped away from that mud like a frog!
Hell yeah, it was safe now but I drove for another undread metres cause I couldn’t contain the excitement when I realized “Hey dude you forgot your friends and all you gear down there!”.
I came back to them, looked at each other, and when we felt the relief flowing through our blood we all had a desperate laugh, put everything back in the car, and somehow found the way back home.
This is only one of many kinds of adventures we had as a band, it’s rock’n’roll stuff!

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