In this Preshow Rituals segment, the pop artist, Hendrix, reveals what she does before taking the stage.


In this Preshow Rituals segment, the pop artist, Hendrix, reveals what she does before taking the stage. You can check out the rituals, after the break.

When I am performing and doing what I love, I always have a grateful heart. I have a few things that are musts to prepare myself for shows. I am always sleeping with a humidifier on. I live in Canada. Winters are cold, and the air is dry. I, also, tend to get allergies at night, which results in my throat getting itchy and dry. Therefore, the benefits that I find for myself is the humidifier adds moisture in the air, which prevents my vocal cords from getting dry overnight.
To start off my morning, I always take at least an hour to mentally and spiritually prepare in having a great day and show. I start off with meditation to calm my mind from over-thinking, I speak out positive affirmations, which puts me in a state that brings up my energy, I reflect on what I am grateful for, and, lastly, I visualize. I see in my mind how I want the show to go. Seeing everyone having fun, enjoying my performance and the music is a great joy of mine. I set the intention of how I’d like the day to go. Sometimes I may put on my headphones afterward, blast music, and crazy dance in front of my mirror. Who doesn’t love a good dance party!
Throughout the day, a few things I like to do to take care of my voice so that it is ready for performance is when I wake up and brush my teeth I use a mouth wash called Biotene Dry Mouth Moisturizing Mouthwash. I then drink lots and lots of water. I, also, throughout the day will drink warm water, with honey, ginger, and fresh lime. A personal favorite of mine is having the throat lozenge called Cepacol Extra Strength that I buy at my local drug store. To avoid straining and tiring out my voice I will avoid speaking when it’s not necessary, and, instead, communicate through the app “Text to Speech” that I downloaded from the App Store. You type on your phone what you would like to verbally speak out loud and your phone does all the talking for you!
I always warm up my voice before my set! I always start off with lip rolls to relax my mouth. A lot of my singing lately has been in my chest and mix voice. Some personal warmups that I do that I find help me is I warm up following a scale. Not putting pressure on my cords, I first sing the word “no” climbing up the scale making sure my larynx is down and not being pushed up. I then sing “meow” in a funny voice climbing up and down the scale. I find this feels super soothing to my voice as funny as it may sound. I then sing the scale in “ahs.” Once I’ve gone through all of my warmups, I finish up with vocal frys.
Once my set is up, I usually get a lot of nerves. I tend to do light boxing punches, jumping jacks and always remind myself everyone is out to have fun and how proud I am of myself for getting out there! Pro-tip, after a set, use a portable humidifier to help your vocal cords out. Thanks for reading!

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