In this Dream Tour segment, the pop artist, HARLOW, reveals who she would want on her ultimate tour lineup.


In this Dream Tour segment, the pop artist, HARLOW, reveals who she would want on her ultimate tour lineup. You can check out their picks, after the break.

Just writing about this topic makes me so excited because the deprivation of live shows due to Covid-19 has been brutal and I am impatiently awaiting the return of live shows – as is everyone! To me, doing live shows is probably the second most important thing next to having great songs. Live shows give you the opportunity to connect with your fans in an unforgettable way and win people over if they’ve never heard of you before. There is no shortage of amazing artists and narrowing down my ultimate tour lineup is tough, so I decided to only name artists that I have actually seen live. Putting on a live show is a magical thing and I love seeing shows that have great visuals or storytelling components to them. So, in no particular order I would probably have these incredible artists in my line up:
Taylor Swift – need I say more? She is an incredible and captivating performer. I’ve seen her in concert 5 times and I don’t think I have ever seen someone put on such a well-thought-out and thoroughly enjoyable show like she does. She’s the pinnacle of what it means to be an entertainer to me. Her shows get your emotions involved because her songs connect with so many of us on such an intimate level. Getting to experience that with thousands of other die-hard fans is indescribable. You feel connected and understood. And isn’t that why all of us want to create music anyways? She does it flawlessly and I would just be honored to have any type of show involving her.
Next up, the Jonas Brothers! My inner fangirl is coming out right now but what else can you expect when talking about these incredibly talented guys?! I saw them in 2019 on the Happiness Begins Tour and I will tell you I was shook for days at how incredible that show was! It is so special when a band or artist gets to grow up with their fans because it creates this whole other dynamic. All of us in the audience had distinct childhood memories with their songs and we will always cherish that. The boys did an absolutely phenomenal job putting on that show from the live vocals and musicianship, to the production and lighting, it was unforgettable.
Undoubtedly, the next artist I would have to have is Shania Twain. I feel so lucky I got to see her on the Rock This Country Tour because she is one of my biggest idols and inspirations ever since I was a little kid. I actually grew up on country music before I discovered pop and she was one of the first artists that I ever saw blur the line of pop and country which was so profound for me. Shania is a legend and absolutely slays her performances. Everyone needs to have at least one legend in their line up right? She’s mine.
I’d also have to have Bebe Rexha on my lineup because honestly, we are just two best friends that haven’t met yet. And who doesn’t want to perform with their best friend?! I love her story, I love her personality and her style. I’d like to adopt her as my big sister. Not to mention, she is an amazing songwriter which is one of my favorite things about her. Watching her live show was an absolute blast and she brought a fan up on stage to dance with her and I love when artists do that!
The list could go on and on! I mean Halsey, Dua Lipa, Carrie Underwood, Lady Gaga, Adele, Billie Eilish, Lewis Capaldi, Florida Georgia Line, Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez… just to name a few! I’d like to have them all! Playing shows is my favorite part about being an artist so I will continue to dream and one day maybe I will be lucky enough to experience this for real!

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