Gypsyhawk – 2nd ROAD BLOG from North American Tour with Scorpion Child

The metal band, Gypsyhawk, is currently on a North American tour with Scorpion Child, Kadavar, Wilson and Mothership. While they’re on this tour, Eric Harris, from the band, will be writing an exclusive blog for us. You can check out their…

Gypsyhawk – 2nd ROAD BLOG from North American Tour with Scorpion Child

The metal band, Gypsyhawk, is currently on a North American tour with Scorpion Child, Kadavar, Wilson and Mothership. While they’re on this tour, Eric Harris, from the band, will be writing an exclusive blog for us. You can check out their second entry, after the break.

Day 14 – Los Angeles
“Icicles within my brain. Cocaine.”
-Black Sabbath
Got to Los Angeles and luckily we were right next to The Rainbow! The show was great. Real good. After party at Ron’s. Ian was NOT in attendance as per usual. Mothership fucked sluts on Ron’s couch. Left the party. High as shit.
Day 15 – Tempe
“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… GOD, I LOVE BEING A TURTLE!”
-Michelangelo, the ninja turtle
Drove the van some more to see if we couldn’t break the trailer lights again. SUCCESS! We did it! So the lights are out. There’s a fucking sand storm out in the Arrakeen desert of Arizona. Ben has a hard-life-no-bullshit Fremen father and mother who lend us hospitality and shelter us for the night. Ben’s father, Fred, is an incredible mind and manages to fix our light problem once and for all. Thank ye, sie. Fed and well rested we continue the adventure with the next destination set for Austin, Texas. Yee-haw, dickheads.
Day 16 – OFF
-Silent Bob
Drive day. We sat, we saw, we slept, we drove. Repeat. Oh, and Breaking Bad. Thanks, Vince, for giving us something to do.
Day 17 – Austin
Let’s start with rain. Our trailer is terrified of rain so it broke our lights. Again. Serious. So we finally get into the club. I’m stoked about today because my friend, Mikey, from American Sharks, came to hang out. I love that guy, he’s great. The show was MUCH better this time than the previous tour we played here at Red 7. After the show we went skiing down the road at Hotel Vegas. Some crazy chick spent half the night being a huge weirdo. Alyssa almost shit herself. Ron went home with a “professional” lover. The night ended for me at Mikey and HotdogHamburgers house, completely snowblind.
Day 18 – Ft. Worth
Show was cool. We opened up. Slept at our friends house.  The guitar player’s dad from the opening band was in Black Oak Arkansas.  They were pretty good.  Wino from Saint Vitus  was in the crowd.  Locals told us he’s relocating out to the Ft. Worth area.  Harris met a Stuart from Beavis and Butthead look alike and was involved in a competitive full scale jenga game out on the patio. An incredibly inebriated Ian Brown decided to give the full size jenga tower a bear hug while slurring “Jenga”.  Ian then proceeded pass out at the club until time for load out.  After the show we hit up the Jack In The Box drive through before crashing out at Jamieson and Cameron’s crib.
Day 19 – Houston
Finally! Houston is always humid as fuck. Standing around will leave you feeling like you spent two hours at the gym. But our buds from Venomous Maximus came to the rescue. These guys are fucking amazing. Love every one of em. Show was a blast, especially because Holy Grail and Orange Goblin were right upstairs so we all got to see cool shit and party with our buds til the morning light. After the show we went to our friend Greg’s house and crashed hard, but NOT before hearing one of the most hilarious/amazing/intriguing stories of my fucking life. Greg rules so hard, man. And it’s still not over. Turn the page and this story continues on the morning of the next day…
Day 20 – St. Louis
Woke up and promptly shuffled down to Greg’s “tattoo shop”. I guess with the name ‘Secret Tattoo’ you SHOULD expect the place to be in a random house in a random neighborhood with no signs of any kind eluding to the fact that there is a business established there. But I had no idea. This place is hella tight. Ron was first up to get what he describes as a “satanic gargoyle” on his forearm. I have never before seen a grown man squirm and writhe so uncomfortably before. I guess that’s what he gets for NOT taking drugs. I ,however, did not make that mistake. After Greg’s first masterpiece was completed, he started on my neck. Now, I wanted something entirely different, but Greg educated me as to how that would be a bad idea. So instead I got a raven placed there. Either way, Ron and I left happy. And thanks to Greg from Venomous Maximus for marking us for life. We then headed for the most happening place on Earth, St. Louis, MO. Let me sum up the show by quoting the great, Deep Purple: “No one came for miles around and said man your music is really hot”. Wilson partied that night though. Good job, gentlemen.
Day 21 – Cleveland
I hate Cleveland. It’s a good thing I have two very good little friends there. Also, I hate Cleveland. NEXT!
Day 22 – Toronto
I love it when clubs offer free gym service’s. Hard Luck Bar spared no expense with getting our cardio and weight lifting into high gear. EVERYONE on tour loaded full stacks, drums, massive merch bins, heads, etc. up three fucking flights of stairs. But I guess that’s better than sitting in a van for forty days and forty nights. So we’re jumpstarted and ready to party. And Canada came hard, man. Real hard. Our real good buds from Diemonds made it to the show and C.C. showed us a fucking REAL Canadian “sunset strip style” party. After raging super hard at the club, they brought us over to Daniels place of employment, The Bovine Sex Club. We then got fed drinks until we could barely stand, and then left off to C.C. and Dan’s house. Dan and I made it all the way to 9 AM. I was convinced I would die in Canada. But nay, I cannot be killed.
Day 23 – Montreal
Getting into the van to lay down my weary head was paramount. But here’s what I overheard: The dudes went to fetch Ron WITHOUT a phone to contact him OR a working GPS. We did it like the old days. Feigning death and narrowly avoiding getting lost in the great white north forevermore. I think the dudes ultimately drove back and forth on the same block for two and a half hours. God, we’re so dumb. Ron FINALLY calls and arranges a rendezvous for his extraction. Ok. Got him. SO now on down the highwa… FUCK! Something fell off the van. Long story short, it was 1 hub cap and what we will find out a day later is that our spindle got all fucked up and melted everything in the OTHER tire that still had its hubcap. Blah, blah, blah. The show went well and we were just ready to NOT have van troubles. So we got baked and then headed back down to the border to get some American input on what the fuck is going on with all the gremlins up in our shit.
Day 24 – Brooklyn
Last day of tour. Woke up in a Wal Mart parking lot (fitting). And then drove down the street to get the bad news of how fucked we were. $1,776 worth of repairs that wouldn’t be done until Tuesday, this was Saturday. LUCKILY, Mothership was staying in the same town and agreed to help us get to the show while our super trooper, Art Daniels, stayed behind in support to help this show go on. After five long hours of me whipping Kellys ass in MTG ;) and tons of farts and laughs, we pull into stress city, NYC. While we’re figuring out where we’re going, we got word that the Scorpion Child/Kadavar starcruiser got fucking stuck on the FDR. They had to call the police to back up the entire highway so they could back out. I would have killed to see the rage pouring forth from New York City’s residents. Those people need to cool out. So on and on and on, we get to the club. The show was a fucking blast, we got a special visit from our old friend, Blake, from Ramming Speed, Sourvein was there. Um, what else. We kind of partied and then left off to Art’s brothers house in the middle of the New Jersey wilderness. This place was incredible. Spiritual even. After staying there for two days, we finally got back to the van to keep this shit rolling down the highway. As it stands, we still have days before we reach home.
We NEED to thank Jonna Robertson and Velda Garcia for campaigning to get us funds to get home. Thanks to ALL of you who so graciously and generously gave to our cause. We seriously appreciate and love you for that. We could not do this without your continued support. Things have been rough for us, but with patience and perseverance, we will see this thing out. And when dark clouds gather round our crowns we can always take solace in knowing that it’s still not THAT bad. After all this could be White Wizzard.

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