In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the pop punk band, Gully Boys, shares one of their stories from being on the road.

Gully Boys

In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the pop punk band, Gully Boys, shares one of their stories from being on the road. You can check out the story, after the break.

At some point in any tour, you get delirious in a way that’s indescribable. We were tired. We were worn down—in a way where you all feel the same kind of ‘crazy’. On the third day of the tour, I crashed the van in Chicago and was banned from driving. Nadi (drummer) severely hurt their kick drum ankle by trying to skateboard in Detroit a couple of days later. In Detroit, we contemplated taking our medical woes across the border to Canada, where we hoped the care would be less financially devastating. Instead, we spent our night flirting with the nurses, trying to get them to buy our merch and stinking up the floor with some local Chinese food. After that didn’t work, we continued in the van and Nadi continued to play on their hurt ankle.
After a couple of grueling shows, we checked into a motel on our way back towards Minneapolis, realizing quickly we needed to grab all of our extra pillows and blankets for the unlucky members of the touring party who would have to sleep on the sticky motel floor that night. As Nat (bass player) and I grabbed the bedding out of the car, I watched as her face glimpsed up into the sky with confusion, and then panic. Nat saw SOMETHING in the sky and once we got back to the room she mapped it out for us in her journal. If you’ve ever seen It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Nat was acting like Charlie did in the mailroom—maniacally putting together maps and drawings, yelling about the craziness she just witnessed. I had completely missed it but knew that at this point in the tour, things were going to get crazy no matter what. After a couple of minutes of deciphering, we realized Nat had seen a UFO that night—and was probably the only one to see it.
Every band member plays a role in making the group what it is. And every group has a way of breaking down on a long tour. Our tour started with swollen ankles and broken mirrors and ended with alien sightings. So if we have learned anything about our band from that tour, it’s that our way of breaking down on tour is to get conspiratorial.
By Kathy Callahan (vocals & guitar, Gully Boys)

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