Grégoire Korniluk - FIRST CONCERT EVER

Join us as Grégoire Korniluk tells you the story of his first concert.

Grégoire Korniluk - FIRST CONCERT EVER
(photo credit: Olivier Longuet)

In this First Concert Ever segment, the metal musician, Grégoire Korniluk, talks about the story of his first experience with live music. You can check out the story below:

Except classical concerts, my parents used to take me at many of them from my early age, my first non classical concert was Metallica, in 1996 for their « Load album Tour », in Paris, September 15th; I was 15. A dream came true! I was (and still) so into their music, since the age of 10. My best friend lent me a tape of Master of Puppets and it was a shock! The perfect balance between heaviest stuff ever and melody! I became a huge Metallica fan right away. But I’ve had to hide to listen to my tapes, because my parents were pretty strict, especially concerning my musical tastes :)

At home there was an old classical guitar which belonged to my mother but she never played it, so I took it and started to play it and learn by myself Metallica’s songs, which was pretty challenging on a shitty classical guitar! Luckily my cello technic helped me for that, especially for the left hand (I was playing the cello for 4 years at that time). I got my first electric guitar long time later (Grassroots Kirk Hammett model), in 1996 maybe 6 months before seeing them live.

As we were living quite far from Paris, my mother drove me to the venue and waited for me outside during the whole showtime; I went alone! I didn’t care, all I wanted was to see and hear my idols. I remember that huge central stage (8 form) with 2 drums kits and the incredible production with pyro, fake fire, stunts,…..What a show!! And of course they were kings, playing great all that songs I knew by heart, I actually lost my voice for 3 days after that :)

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