Goalkeeper – DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, the pop punk band, Goalkeeper, reveals who they would want on their ultimate tour lineup.


In this Dream Tour segment, the pop punk band, Goalkeeper, reveals who they would want on their ultimate tour lineup. You can check out their picks, after the break.

The Wonder Years
It’s hard to even narrow it down when they’re so many choices. I chose each of these bands because they all hold some significance to me. I’ve been following Grayscale for a few years now, I first caught them at a venue called The Barbary in Philly, and since then, it’s been insane to see the amount of success they’ve reached in such a short amount of time.
I chose Transit because they’re a personal favorite. They’re such a unique band and carried so much energy live. I’m a huge fan of how versatile they are as a band. You can actually see me wearing a Transit sweater in our Sunshine video!
Finally, I chose The Wonder Years, because they’ve inspired me the most to pursue a life in music. I fell in love with the way they described living on the road. I saw them at a small VFW back in the “Suburbia” days, and it was the crazy show I’ve ever been too. The venue was packed, you had kids stage diving constantly, etc. I wanna recreate that feeling so bad with Goalkeeper!
This is why I picked the bands for my dream line up! Thank you and see ya later!
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Four Year Strong
Each band has a different meaning for me so this list was primarily based around how each band has personally impacted me. Starting off, the Red Hot Chili Peppers are the main reason I picked up a guitar. I first heard their record By the Way and was immediately blown away. ‘Universally Speaking’ was the first song I learned and the solo taught me how you can do so much but with so little. They were also the band that taught me how to write a song that can stand on its own without lyrics and that has always been the driving force for leads and other aspects of songs that I write. They were also my first concert ever so it would be rad to come full circle like that.
Coldplay is a new one for me that came up recently this past winter. We were recording our new EP Life in Slow Motion and the engineer Will Pugh and producer Kevin Mahoney showed us how musically intelligent a band like Coldplay is. We dove into their songs, watched their documentary, and instantly became amazed by them and gain a whole new appreciation for them. They definitely influenced while in the studio and even now as I write new songs, I am catching myself adding in leads and concepts that are similar to Coldplay and I love it. Plus, they easily have the best light show out there.
When it comes to Blink-182 what else is there to say! They are the kings of pop punk and arguably the reason any of us pop punk bands even exist. I would love to see them every night and just see how a band from our genre was able to gravitate to heights that so many of us only dream about. They were also the first pop punk band I got into. It’s funny though, I never knew they were pop punk. It was before I really understood genres and just considered them rock. When I saw my first pop punk show (All Time Low on the Glamour Kills Tour) I immediately knew I wanted to play in a pop punk band. From there I researched this new genre and saw how so many of the bands I loved such as blink-182, New Found Glory, and so on, were pop punk bands. I would also hope for a chance to play Anthem Part 2 with them live if they let me because that is my favorite song hands down haha.
Finally, Four Year Strong. They are my favorite pop punk band next to blink and they have always been on my bucket list for bands to play with. I have seen them the most times (15 to be exact and in multiple states including PA, MA, NJ, DE, and MD), and I am consistently amazed by their stage presence. When I heard their music, it was the first time I heard the perfect combination of music I loved and the lyrics were the first ones to really hit me on a personal level. They were also my first small club show where I moshed and crowd surfed for the first time.
Motion City Sound Track
The Story So Far
Blink 182 because they’re my favorite band of all time. They’re big influences on our music style and I think we would fit well with them.
Motion City Soundtrack because they’re another one of my favorite bands and always bring the heat live. Plus I might get a chance to hang with Justin Courtney Pierre which would be dope.
The Story So Far because they’re probably my favorite modern-day pop punk band. I’d love to see those guys play shows every night on tour!

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