Join us as FXRLY reveals the story of his first concert.


In this First Concert Ever segment, the pop punk artist, FXRLY, talks about the story of his first experience with live music. You can check out the story below:

Middle school for me was extremely formative in my music career. From getting my first guitar at 10 years old to starting my first band at 11, it was all accumulating very quickly and drifting from a desire to play music into a passion. Then in 2008 was the big one, my first concert. My dad took me to the Houston Rodeo that spring and although I didn’t realize the impact it would have on me at the time, I really get floored thinking about it.

Those days were all about Blink-182, Green Day and My Chemical Romance for me but growing up around horses and trail rides meant that we were going to a concert for country artist which is okay because I loved that stuff too, just not as much as the punk rock music that would stay on repeat in my CD player. Brooks & Dunn was the big act that night and I was very familiar with them so I was excited about that. I remember going to the fair before the rodeo, eating turkey legs and going on the skyrider that overlooks the whole fair. After several hours of wandering the fairgrounds, it was finally time for the rodeo and I remember racing my dad up the levels of the arena to get to our seats. I don’t remember a ton of the rodeo itself but I do recall a feeling of my heart sinking when the lights cut out and then all of a sudden this stage appeared in the middle of the arena. The band started playing and the crowd was going crazy while singing every word. It was something I knew I’d never forget especially because the whole time I kept thinking “Man, I want to experience this someday.”

Although I’ve yet to play a huge arena, I’ve found myself with similar experiences like when one of my previous bands opened up at Warped Tour and even at some of my smaller and more intimate shows. It fuels the fire and keeps you wanting more every single time. So even though my first concert may not have been one of the punk bands I looked up to, it was a special experience that I was fortunate enough to be able to share with my dad and lay the foundation for a lifetime of music!

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