In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the nu metal band, Frostbitt, shares one of their stories from being on the road.


In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the nu metal band, Frostbitt, shares one of their stories from being on the road. You can check out the story, after the break.

Our second ever tour was set for 18 shows around Europe. Headliners Car Bomb brought on Conjurer as support, and us (Frostbitt) as the opener and bus-buddies. Short before heading out, we knew little of how serious the Covid pandemic would become, or how prepared we would be for any cancellations. I guess we had to learn it the hard way…
The writing was on the wall after our fourth show in Leipzig, however. Since the tour launched on March 8th, 2020, more and more shows of the tour were being canceled due to the ongoing pandemic. Sharing the bus with Car Bomb and tour crew was nothing short of a blast, and we bonded quickly over new experiences and lots of beer, but slowly we could feel it coming to an end. Rumors and possible what-ifs were thrown around over morning routines, and after the Leipzig show, even more dates were hanging by a thread. Although we were set on completing as many shows as possible, we began preparing for the worst.
That’s when Mike Dafferner of Car Bomb, being the wonderful improviser and crowdpleaser that he is, began to giggle mysteriously in the kitchen section of the tour bus. Going mostly unnoticed at first, probably because of the muted mood on hearing the news of another cancellation, at the third or fourth outburst he had the attention of everyone on the bus, prompting Elliot Hoffman (drummer of Car Bomb) to ask “what the fuck is he laughing about”.
“Ron Perlman.” Dafferner’s answer demanded elaboration. ” I was thinking Ron Perlman should play Elliot when they make a horror movie about this tour”. And so Mike got all our heads turned away from our phones. “If they’re gonna close down the borders and everything else, that means we’re stuck in this bus right? We’ll have to ration our food and water (and beer) to survive. And so at one point, I’ll be the first to die. And Elliot’s gonna look to all of you and be like You know we gotta eat this motherfucker right? And he’ll just start stabbing into my body and hand pieces out to the rest of you guys. And so I thought he should be the one to play you and shadow you to get all the mannerisms correct.
And so the bus shared a couple of last laughs together discussing the popular Elliot-one-liners of the tour and how Perlman would do them. Mike’s prediction came dangerously close to comfort when crossing the Czech border, however, when everyone had to step out of the bus and have their temperature scanned by a hazmat-suited figure in the cold night. Emil (Guitarist of Frostbitt) was scared to death from believing he had an actual gun pointed at him. Cooler heads prevailed, however, and none were sent to a secret detainment facility, regardless of Mike’s predictions.
Less than a few hours later the news came in: father Car Bomb and mother Tour are getting a divorce. After the US-issued travel ban was announced, Car Bomb had to get back to the States, and we hustled double time to get our gear and ourselves back on the first flight back to Norway. Car Bomb and the tour crew were gracious hosts, booking hotel accommodation and shipping of our gear, assuring that the unfortunate cancellation went as smooth as possible for the very inexperienced troop we were.
And so the tour came to an end. Leaving us with the worst Post Tour Syndrome we have experienced to date, but with wonderful memories and experiences. We’d do it all over again.
Written by Kevin Solheim (Bass of Frostbitt)

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