Forever May Fall - DREAM TOUR

Join us as Forever May Fall shares their dream tour lineup.

Forever May Fall - DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, the rock band, Forever May Fall, reveals who they would want on their ultimate tour lineup. You can check out their picks below:

Bad Omens is our band's collective favorite band. We've been in awe watching them grow and challenge themselves with each album and they're one of our biggest musical influences. We've seen them multiple times and it's become almost a band tradition to attend their shows as a full band whenever they're in town. I think we'd all marvel at the opportunity just to sit down with Noah and Jolly and pick their brains and write music together but the opportunity to tour with them would be such a major accomplishment. That'd be so fricken' bad ass.

VRSTY is literally our family. We've known these guys for quite a few years and we love seeing them do the dang thing. They're not only incredible musicians, but incredible humans too. We actually owe a lot of our comeback to Joey (although, we bet he doesn't know it) for just being so supportive at times when we've questioned ourselves and our abilities. So not only are they supportive friends but they are definitely the friends that you will ALWAYS have a good time with and create lasting memories with. Being on the road can totally suck, but being able to be on the road with friends who feel like family makes it suck ten times less.

Last but most certainly not least, we'd love the opportunity to tour with Lø Spirit. We've had the absolute privilege of working with him to write two of our songs and we feel like they're our strongest yet. He puts so much emotion into everything he does, but when he sings you can feel his heart. It'd be such an honor to share the stage with him, especially after everything he's done for us. He's another person who would definitely make tour life suck a lot less and the musical content of the shows would just be killer. There'd be so much energy under one roof, we don't know that it'd be able to contain us.

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