Join us as For You shares the details of their dream tour lineup.


In this Dream Tour segment, the pop rock band, For You, reveals who they would want on their ultimate tour lineup. You can check out their picks below:

In the bustling landscape of today's music industry, there are few sensations as electrifying as the anticipation of a dream collaboration. For For You, the pop/rock sensation led by the charismatic Ed Westwick, this dream takes the form of a tantalizing partnership with none other than the Arctic Monkeys, the revered English rock band.

For those unfamiliar, For You is not just another musical ensemble; it's a convergence of talent and creativity, spearheaded by Ed Westwick, renowned for his portrayal of the enigmatic Chuck Bass in HBO's cult classic series, Gossip Girl. But beyond the silver screen, Westwick has pivoted towards a new artistic frontier—music. Alongside musical virtuosos Hans Kristian Nordin, Frank Giampietro, and Michael Mathern, For You has carved a niche in the industry with their mysterious yet undeniably fashionable pop/rock sound.

The genesis of For You traces back to a serendipitous encounter between Westwick and Mathern at a glamorous soirée in Beverly Hills. Bonding over their shared passion for music, the duo laid the groundwork for what would become a formidable musical outfit. With the addition of Giampietro and Nordin, whose paths intertwined during their tenure at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, For You solidified its lineup and embarked on a creative journey that would lead them to their current musical haven—Oslo, Norway.

Oslo, with its blend of cosmopolitan allure and artistic inspiration, serves as the heartbeat of For You's creative process. Here, amidst the scenic vistas and vibrant culture, the band writes, records, and produces their music, infusing each composition with a distinct Scandinavian flair. It's no wonder that they've christened this city their "band home," a testament to the profound influence it holds over their artistic expression.

As For You gears up for the release of their debut album under the banner of Universal Music Group, the prospect of a dream tour looms tantalizingly on the horizon. And at the forefront of their aspirations stands the Arctic Monkeys, an English rock behemoth whose sonic prowess and magnetic stage presence have captivated audiences worldwide.

For For You, the allure of a collaboration with the Arctic Monkeys transcends mere musical admiration; it's a convergence of artistic visions, a symbiotic relationship fueled by mutual respect and creative synergy. Imagine the fusion of For You's enigmatic charm with the Arctic Monkeys' raw, unbridled energy—a sonic tapestry that defies boundaries and resonates with audiences on a visceral level.

A dream tour with the Arctic Monkeys isn't just about sharing stages or exchanging melodies; it's about forging connections, transcending genres, and leaving an indelible mark on the annals of music history. It'sabout the electrifying energy of a live performance, the palpable camaraderie between artists, and the collective euphoria shared by fans in attendance.

As For You sets its sights on this audacious dream, one thing remains abundantly clear—their journey is as much about the destination as it is about the exhilarating pursuit of artistic excellence. And with their unwavering passion, boundless creativity, and magnetic charisma, there's no doubt that they're destined to leave an indelible imprint on the musical landscape—one electrifying performance at a time. So here's to chasing dreams, forging alliances, and embarking on a journey that transcends boundaries—because in the world of For You, the possibilities are as limitless as the boundless expanse of the Arctic Monkeys' musical universe.

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