Emma McGrath – TOUR TIPS

In this Tour Tips segment, the singer-songwriter, Emma McGrath, gives you her tips for being on tour.

Emma McGrath – TOUR TIPS

In this Tour Tips segment, the singer-songwriter, Emma McGrath, gives you her tips for being on tour. You can check out the feature, after the break.

1 – Be organized… I like to prep as much as possible so that if for some reason we end up with no internet and just a roadmap we still know where we are going! I generally will put together a basic tour booklet outlining activities for each day… sounds pretty lame but it saves stuff like having to work out times late at night when you just want to go to bed. You have a quick scan before going to bed so you know what time you’re getting up and you read it in the morning so you know where you’re going. Sounds like a pain to put together but it’s super quick if you compile the information as you book stuff.
2 – CHILL OUT! The worst thing is feeling stressed out about getting to places on time and getting everything right but to be honest, if something goes wrong it’s not the end of the world. Same with everyone’s mood… if someone is having a bad day don’t get annoyed, just let them be :’) …it’s sometimes difficult when you’re stuck in a car with them all day! The last tour was just my drummer Alfie and I and we are both pretty laid back so he is like a dream tour buddy… no arguing just pure efficiency… and he knows how to put up with me when I’m in a mood… a rare occasion but always possible when sleep deprived :’)
3 – Eat well… even if it’s the more expensive option. I think this is a very important point. I like to eat lettuces out of the bag on the road. Hate me for my next comment but I think it’s a bit like eating crisps only difference being you can eat unlimited amounts and not feel bad about it at the end. I try to eat lots of fruit as well. The most difficult bit is dinner time but to be honest I think we got take out every night :’)
4 – Look after your voice… (if you’re a singer) This one I find difficult because after the gig there is just a lot of talking to people although it’s often more like shouting! That mixed with constant late nights is tiring and I think that can easily affect your voice if you don’t look after it. I like to use a steamer, I found it pretty helpful and I got through the tour with no problems.
5 – Look after each other! You’re only as strong as your weakest player and so if someone is starting to get ill or overtired then let them go back to the hotel straight after the gig to get an early night because honestly, the first tour I did we all got really ill and we where playing an hour and a half every night and it was not pleasant :’)

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(Photo credit: CK Goldiing)